Steps About How to Tie Fly Fishing Knots

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I heard many people complain that they don’t know how to tie fly fishing knots. This is quite a widespread problem that beginners may easily come across. So I searched for some information for you and choose three knots you can easily learn. You can not only use these knots to fly fishing, but also use them to anything you want to tie. Here we go!

1.Davy Knot
Davy knot is very good at strength, speed and size. If you learn it, you can do it quickly and continue fishing immediately.
The procedures are as follows: (1) put a 3 to 4 inches of leader through the eye of the hook; (2) make a loose simple overhand knot; (3) put the end through the overhand knot; (4) tighten the leader and link the knot with the main line.

2.Double Davy Knot
The Davy knot has high strength, and for more security, you can add an extra wrap and then you got a double Davy knot. It’s still very strong and it’s more safety.
The steps to tie it are as follows:(1) put 3 to 4 inches of leader through the eye of the hook;(2) make a loose simple overhand knot;(3) put the end through the overhand knot;(4) pass the end back through the overhand knot one more time;(5) pull the end to tighten the knot and set the knot on the main line.

3.Surgeon’s Knot
The surgeon’s knot is my favorite knot, it’s so beautiful and practical and easy to tie. This knot is wildly used in many fields because of its strength.
The steps to tie it: (1)overlap the fly line and leader by inches; (2)make a simple circle; (3)pass the line and the whole leader through the circle 2 times; (4)tighten all the 4 ends and you get a surgeon’s knot.

These are three beautiful and useful fly fishing knots I want to suggest to you. I guess you have learned it after this article.

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