How to Change a Fly Fishing Reel from Right to Left Handed
You may have been facing challenges when trying to operate a right-handed reel yet you are left-handed. You should not worry; you can easily change the direction of the reel by following simple steps.
How to Make Fly Fishing Lanyard?
Lanyard are useful for everyone, wearing all your mainly used accessories around your neck to use it quickly without lifting a huge weight are a plus, you can walk with it, move it easily and it’s really not difficult to use, even the most ignorant beginner would quickly see how to use it.
How to Use a Whip Finish Tool for Fly Tying
Of the many tools used in fly fishing, many people still don't know how to use a whip finish tool for fly tying. A whip finish tool, or simply a whip finisher, is the tool used to tie off the fly. The use of this tool ensures that the thread remains unraveled when you are fishing. The tool helps you to properly tie your fly by making a secure knot at the end of the process. There are two major whip finishing tools: the Matarelli whip finisher and the Thompson style whip finisher.
Trout fishing with bobber and fly
Trout fishing with bobber and fly. Trout fishing with bobber and fly is an interesting angling technique that can produce great results once the angler knows how to use these devices.
How Do You Tie a Leader on a Fly Rod?
One of the most important basis to learn for any one who want to fly fish is how to tie a leader to your fly rod, for this there is a simple guide to tie your own fly fishing knot. Here is some instructions to tie 4 of them, frequently used by many anglers.
You can achieve great height by abu garcia fly fishing combo
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