How to Tie Fly Fishing Leader to Tippet Knots

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Every angler knows they have to do some rigging work before they can begin playing, which is why the fly fishing leader to tippet knot is of utmost importance. You don't just have to know the right knot to use, you need to be able to make the knot while blindfolded - because it just may come to that. If you're new to fly fishing and wondering if you really need to add a tippet to an already contentious line rigged with knots, the answer is yes you do. 

Because tippet lines are cheaper than leader lines, adding them to your leader increases the life span of your leader, since the tippet would face the brunt of whatever tugging and sniping and pulling goes on with the tippet won't reduce the quality of your leader, which is good. So the simple reason you need a tippet is to increase the life of your leader. Before deciding on a fly fishing leader to tippet knot, there are several things you should consider though. Let's check them out. 

What to Consider Before Choosing Fly Fishing Leader to Tippet Knot 

The diameter of the leader and tippet lines. Just because the tippet is meant to be an extension of the leader line doesn't mean they are always the same length. Some times, the leader would be thicker in diameter than the tippet. In these cases, some types of fly fishing leader to tippet knots just won't be ideal because the uneven diameters would prevent the knot from being effective. Once you know the relative diameters of the two lines, you can then pick the knot of your choice. 

Ease of tying. At this point, you already know you have a ton of lines to rig. In real life, there's no time to open a book or a browser to read through the steps you need to take to make your knots. You need to have this knowledge at your fingertips, so you can move swiftly from attaching the fly line to the leader with a different knot to attaching the leader and the tippet with its own knot. While ease of tying a knot is relative, depending on your practice, you should ensure you opt for the fly fishing leader to tippet knot that's easiest for you to make. 

The toughness of the knot. Obviously your expertise with a certain knot will give you a certain edge over an amateur, in terms of its sturdiness, but some knots just perform better than others. Doing your due diligence on the fly fishing leader to tippet knots means you'll find out which performs best, so you're not constantly adjusting your tippet knot mid fly fishing. 

Best Fly Fishing Leader to Tippet Knots and How to Tie Them 

It's fly fishing, so obviously there are unlimited ways of getting your knots ready. Here are the most popular knots anglers use to tie their leaders and tippets together. 

The Double Surgeon's Knot 

Known far and wide as the fastest way to attach your tippet and leader together, the double surgeon's knot is the most ideal fly fishing leader to tippet knot for any weather condition. Most importantly though, it's suitable for leaders and tippets with different diameters. Here's how to tie it. 

To begin, place both lines side by side, so that about 6" overlap and that each tag end's facing the opposite of the other. Next, With the two lines pressed together, create a loop and pass the tag ends of both the leader and tipped lines through the said loop but without tightening it. 

Once the loose loop is formed, hold it straight, then wrap the tag ends of each line around the loop - passing them through but without tightening. Put some lubricant on the lube, water or saliva to simulate the wet environment it's going to be used in to, then pull the tag ends - which are in opposite directions - until the knot tightens. Clip off unsightly ends of the fly fishing leader to tippet knot and you're done. 

The Infinity Knot 

It is a brilliant alternative to the Surgeon's knot. It's super-fast, and unsurprisingly, it looks like figure eight while you're tying it. To tie the infinity knot, overlap the tippet and leader as you normally. You can lubricate so the lines stick together. 

Next, make a fairly big loop - big enough for your fingers, but not your fist, then hold the loop with your left hand. You want to put your thumb and forefinger through the loop, then grab the ends of the tag lines, the pinched part of the loop, and pull the tag end through. You'll notice the infinity sign as you pull the tag ends if you're doing it right. Tighten the knot until it's secure before trimming the tag ends.

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