Premier Fly Fishing Rod Size Chart

May 06, 2019 Maxcatch Adventures Views: 7291

For choosing a new fly rod, every fly fishing anglers will compare the rod to another rod and then order it. A rod size chart will be obviously for every fly fishing anglers.

This premier fly fishing rod is the most popular one for most of the new fly fishing new starter. The PREMIER Rod is designed to be the most cost effective rod on AMAZON at the similar level.

The rods are made to reach the best performance, which is worth triple the price. The best rods for any fly fisher who want a decent rod but with a tight budget

Maxcatch Premier fly fishing rod series has 10 different sizes, normally we use 9ft most. And there are 3 different sizes in the fly fishing rod size chart. A fast action fly fishing rod. A go-to rod for all purpose. A best rod Maxcatch has ever built for this price level, amazing smooth action, cast like a rocket, and light in hand
The four-piece model allows flexibility for the traveling angler.
A complete range from 3wt to 12wt offer a perfect rod for any condition

The first rod without the fighting butt it's a 8ft rod.Normally for small streams and very portable.

The second size is with fighting butt, normally for 9ft fly fishing rod.

The last size has two handles with one fighting butt.It's for large size fish such as salmon and big trout.

Fly fishing rod size chart can compare each size clearly and it helps new starters get the correct fly fishing rod for their fly fishing trip.

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