What Size Fly Fishing Rod Should I Get

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What Size Fly Fishing Rod Should I Get

What size fly fishing rod should I get? You should not worry about eh size. The size will depend on the type of fish you intend to catch. In fly fishing, you need to have the right gear you can easily cast the fly into the water so that you can proceed to catch fish. To choose the right fishing rod, you need to take into consideration the size weight of the rod and the size of the fish you are about to buy. To get a clear answer on the type of rod you should buy, here is a breakdown:  

The right size of fly fishing rod for small fish  

If you intend to catch small fish such as panfish, small trout, and small creeks, then you will need a small fishing rod. For instance, Panfish requires 0-4wt, Average-size trout requires 4-6wt, smaller trout in small creeks will require a fishing rod of between 0-4wt, and Smallmouth Bass requires 5-8 wt. It is upon you to check on the type of fish you intend to buy before you proceed to buy the fishing rods. If you can locate the right fishing road, it will be easy for you to realize the best experience in catching fish.  

The right fly fishing rod to catch medium size fish  

If you would like to catch medium size fish, then you need to go for the fly fishing rod recommended for such type of fish. For example, if you would like to catch fish that is medium size, then you may have to select the following types of fly fishing rods:

 Largemouth Bass 3will requires 5-9wt, Carp needs a fishing rod of 6-10wt, Steelhead you need 7-9wt fly fishing rod, Salmon requires 8-10wt, the Northern Pike and Muskie will require 8-12wt, Grayling needs 3-5wt, Bonefish, redfish requires 7-9wt, Striped bass, false albacore you will go for 8-12wt, Peacock bass, golden dorado you will need 8-12wt, tarpon, roosters, giant trevally you will need 10-12wt. 

If you can check on the recommendations, you will need a fly fishing rod as per the type of fish you intend to catch. In case you would like to catch a big fish, then you should be prepared to go for a rod that can accommodate the weight.  

The best fly fishing rod for large fish  

There are some fly fishing rods that are built to work well in catching big fish. If you would like to catch fish such as Mahi-mahi you will need a 10-14wt rod, Bluefin requires a 12-14wt rod, Sailfish and marlin you will need a 14wt rod. The fly fishing rods are calibrated based on the weights.

 If you would like to achieve the best when buying a fly fishing rod, you should base your decision on the type of fish. You should always stick to eh right type of rod if you would like to realize the best results when catching different types of fish. If you can buy the right rod, then your fly fishing experience will be of great success.

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