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You may have heard of split shots before but did you understand what they are and why they are essential? Well, if you are an experienced angler, you know what these are and why they are essential, however, if you've never heard about them before, you probably wondering what we were talking about here. But worry less as this article will give you all the information you need to know.

Split shot for fly fishing can be defined as the weights or sinkers attached to the hook to make it sink in water. This is very important as it helps to submerge the flies in the water at the desired depth where you suspect the fishes are to catch as many as possible. If you go fishing without the split shot, you might end up catching less that you would do if you had split shots in place. Using split shots is not complicated and does not require any special skills. If you hold your split shot on your hand, you will realize that they have a groove(running the full length) where you can insert a line to keep it. 

The split shot helps you to lower your baits faster and also to suspend them at the most appropriate depth where they can easily be discovered by fish. It is advisable that you teach yourself how to use split shots, and the first thing you need to know is when to use them. You will agree with me that not all the time you will need to use them. You should only use them if:

- Water is high or fast

- Water current is very strong

- Flies are very tight

- Deep pools

- Not getting to the desired depth

You should be careful when you go shopping for your split shots. This is because they are available in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. You should ensure that you pick the most suitable for your fly fishing needs. Not all will be good for you! If you are wondering how you can know the best split shots for you, then you can consult experienced anglers. Ensure you consult someone who knows the region you will be fly fishing. 

While other sinkers available in the market are sized by their weight, split shots are sized differently as we are going to see here. Below are the best split shot sizes for fly fishing.

weight   Shot equivalent Split shot size

4.8g      6 x AAA      3SSG

3.2g     4x AAA       2SSG

3g      ....         LG

2g      ....         LSG

1.6g     2x AAA       SSG

0.8g      2 x BB       AAA       

0.6g      2xNo1       AB

0.4g      2xNo4       BB

0.3g      3xNo6       No1

0.25g     2xNo6       No3

0.2g      3x No9       No4

0.1g      2xNo10       No5

The above are some of the sizes of split shots you will come across in the market. As you can see, they differ from other sinkers or weights in the market in their sizing. When you first fly fishing, it can be a frightening experience when you don’t know what to buy. We hope that the information on this site about various manufacturers around the world that will be at your disposal will be somewhat useful and appropriate for the money you spend on sports. You should, therefore, make sure that you know what these sizing means before you end choosing the one that you didn't intend.

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