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The proof fly fishing company was founded around 15 years, growing from a small business to a specialized company. Many fly fishing anglers will buy materials that build a rod in its store. Thus, we have searched information about this firm including its history, business philosophy and products as follows so that beginners can locate the certain information they need with less time and purchase suitable goods. 

General introduction

Proof fly fishing, a company providing goods for outdoor and sporting activities. Having started its business in the founders basement around 15 years ago, the company set off its business by building fly fishing rods. At the very beginning, the product quality was inconsistent. Later, the founder gathered some rod builders and pooled the resources of materials to lower manufacturing costs. 

After a decade more development, high-quality rods, and building materials can be found in Proof fly fishing nowadays. The company expands its scale and can offer a range of fly fishing products and tutorials. 

The business philosophy of the company consists of three ideas: great products, good customer service, and sustainability. The company is willing to receive the suggestions of customers to improve the product quality. Instead of being driven by the market, the company wants to stay honest with its consumers and give trustworthy information about its merchandise. 

The customer-centered idea is kept in mind by the company members. To offer a great experience to customers, they are will to go the extra distance. They will carefully consider the customers opinions when manufacturing new products.

On merchandise

One of the important products it provides is the rod blank, a core part of a fly fishing rod. Blanks have various sizes, weights, and materials. On the companys website, you may find that fiberglass, carbon fiber, and bamboo blanks are available. You can find some reviews on the Proof fly fishing blank. Most give the feedback that its blanks are OK with affordable prices. 

Close-up photos and brief introductions of these blanks are presented on the website, helping consumers know more about the products. For instance, it gives explanations to the fiberglass blank that it is made from E-glass featuring stable and quick recovery. 

Apart from blanks, agate stripping guides are also available. The stripping guide is used to reduce the friction when you cast the line when going fly fishing. An agate guide is a guide made from agates. A beautiful agate guide can add a classic look to your fishing rod. 

On the website, the agate guides of 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, and 12mm are offered. These guides are made in Europe by using natural agates with a different color to be picked up. According to the description, each one is unique and works well on the fishing rod. The agate guide is not a necessity for fly fishing. If you are interested in the product, you may check on the website on your own. 

Thread is also a significant material to build up a rod. There are silk and metallic threads you can choose from as well as Fuji rod wrapping thread. A detailed introduction is attached to each thread. For example, the Kimono silk thread is flexible with unique liquid color. 

Special techniques or a pair of gloves are not required when you are using this type of silk thread to build a fly fishing rod. Relevant videos can be found on the website to teach you how to work with silk. 

For all these products, customers can take both domestic and international orders with different extra costs. 

On service

One of the advantages of Proof fly fishing is that it provides the link to fly fishing rod building videos. Thus, after purchasing basic materials, you do not have to search for tutorials. You can learn directly from the tutorials the website provides. 

These videos not only teach you how to put together a rod but tell you how to maintain and repair the fishing rod. More and more videos will be put on the website so that the learning resources can keep updating. 

After reading the passage, you may have an initial understanding of the company. More information can be found on its official website and social platforms like Facebook.

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