All about the Driftless Fly Fishing Company

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All about the Driftless Fly Fishing Company

If you want to go on a guided fishing trip in Minnesota, then the best group to call would be the Driftless Fly Fishing Company. This is a company that is endorsed by Orvis itself, which is probably the more recognizable brand in fly fishing. When you book with this company, you are sure to have a wonderful and comfortable experience. The company has some of the latest fly fishing equipment such as the Hyde Pro drift boat. It also has a crew composed of professional and experienced anglers who are very familiar with the driftless. If you're still not convinced, read on to know more about this company.

The office of the Driftless Fly Fishing Company is housed in a restored building in Preston, Minnesota. Every experienced angler knows that Preston is considered the trout capital of Minnesota. In fact, the South Branch of the Root River was hailed as one of the 100 Best Trout Streams in the USA by Trout Unlimited. And the good news is, this river is located just a block away from the company's shop. Mel Hayner, the owner of the company, is an experienced angler who has been fishing for more than 40 years already. As far as the driftless is concerned, he has been stalking it for more than 25 years already. So the experience of this company as far as fishing in this area is concerned is unquestionable.

The Driftless Fly Fishing Company is born out of Hayner's passion for fishing. His love for the sport is what drove him to establish the first Orvis-endorsed fly fishing guide company and store in 2013. The shop has grown a lot through the years since it was built. It serves not only as a guide company and store, but it has also become a gathering place for anglers all over the country and even from other countries. But one of the reasons why the shop has succeeded is because of its passionate and knowledgeable guides, most of which have grown up in the area. Their familiarity with the area is unmatched. 

The Driftless Fly Fishing Company is also proud to have the first female guide in the area in the person of Hayner's sister. The coolest fact about her is that she is mentoring other women anglers in the area. The participation of women in fly fishing is proof that it's one of the more inclusive sports in the world. It's an activity where women can have the same advantages as men do. And the company is leading the way in encouraging more women to try fly fishing. Through this effort, for sure the sport of fly fishing will see more female participants in the future.

Another great thing about The Driftless Fly Fishing Company is that it's a great supporter of the community. It supports youth education and the improvement of the environment. Fishing in Minnesota's Driftless area is an experience of a lifetime. You need to make sure that you have an excellent guide with you.

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