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Fly fishing equipment needs of a customer are fulfilled by keeper fly fishing company. Keeper is a fly-fishing tackle brand to cater to the needs of anglers from all parts of the world. Finnish tackle manufacturer vision group ltd has created this keeper tackle brand. The company believes in the fishing equipment used by the angler for catching fishes and not the brand he uses. Also, this company believes in practical learning. The company offers all ranges of fly-fishing tackle to the anglers.

Main motto and products of keeper fly fishing company

The main motto of the keeper fly fishing company is the amount of money being spent on fly fishing should be less and more benefits out of money spent. The customer approach the keeper company for fly fishing equipment for all ranges and models staring from rods to accessories at a good price. The rods available in this company are Kaddy’s fly rod available at 140 euros available in two models viz 9' #5 | 9' #6 and the color is dark carbon. The rods have half well handle type rod with no fighting butt.

The other fishing rod of a fly-fishing company of keeper is Peto fly rod, which is 9' #9. The dark color brand of the rod with full wells handle type for the suitability of fishing customers. The fishing butt is present in this rod and it weighs about 142 g and the cost of the rod is 159 euros. This rod is especially used to catch pike fishes in the river. Another one is a trout set with four pieces. With #5-line class for the customers. The length of the rod is 270 cm and it cost about 189 euros. 

The other major fly fishing equipment of keeper is starter set costs about 159 euros, KV fly rods cost about 79 euros, ALU fly reels cost 79 euros, kla fly reels cost 55 euros, vest-like fishing vest cost 39 euros, wading jacket cost 96 euros, wading boot cost 67 euros, waders 164 euros, bib and brace 119 euros, stripping basket costs about 49 euros, iso float tube costs about 279 euros, fins 59 euros, landing net 29 euros, fly lines 29 euros, backing line 5-19 euros, leaders 4 euros, pin on reel 7 euros. 

Principle of fly fishing company of keeper

The main principle of fly fishing of the keeper company is doing practice by the anglers. The team members or guides of the keeper company insists on practicing on the water for successful fly fishing. Hence, they have released an eBook that has details of casting and fishing tactics on the water by the customer. It also insists on the importance of balancing with a set of fly-fishing equipment on the river. The importance of fishing set for a successful fly-fishing task is given elaborately to the knowledge of the customers who are beginners or experienced anglers. 

The major recommendation of the keeper fly fishing’s company is practical learning of fishing is mandators. As per recommendations, the beginner or novice should get the company of an experienced angler or fishing club coaching. It suggests the new angler to learn a lot from these experienced anglers before staring the actual fly fishing for a successful journey. If possible, financially, the beginner can pay his coach some amount for professionally teaching fly fishing.

The fly-fishing equipment of the keeper company sells its products through many dealers and distributors both locally and international level. The major countries outside are Argentina, Australia, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Bulgaria, South Korea and Ireland and in Finland the places are motonet, Ruoto, sam fishing, Sissos, and many other places. These worldwide distributors make the keepers fishing equipment to reach the customers in all parts of the world.

The important fly-fishing techniques are learned from Ernestas Keturka, a fishing instructor to the benefit of customers. The customers can avail the fishing book namely ebook -angler’s guidebook, which is useful to the readers. This eBook is useful to both new learners of fly fishing and experienced anglers for learning different types of casting techniques and lure selection based on the type of fishes.

The fly-fishing equipment of Keeper main aim of learning through practicing at less price for the customers is elaborated in the ebook. The ebook, products, and principle of keeper company are beneficial to all customers from all parts of the world.

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