How to Tie Flies and Fish for A Successful Fishing Trip?

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Good anglers must be proficient in fly tying and fishing, they must know very well the different types of techniques to catch good fish, and perfectly handle the art of tying their own lures.

How to do fly tying and fishing 

You must make a very faithful copy of the insects in scale, to mount them on a hook, to achieve this you must use techniques and tools such as those used in conventional tying, to make them look like natural insects, you should focus on achieving brightness and colors as real as possible.

To efficiently achieve fly tying and fishing, it is advisable to use real insects preserved in special solutions, which keep their complete morphology and colors intact, to analyze them correctly and make a perfect artificial copy, matching in size, brightness and color with the model specimen.

Useful materials and tools in fly tying

To perform fly tying, threads that provide similarity to the texture and color of the fly fishing being tied, and other components such as tungsten beads are needed.

These are an excellent and very useful type of material for fly tying, they come in 13 different colors, very bright and attractive, which ensure efficiency as a lure for the fly being tied, they are 25 units of spherical pieces to simulate nymph heads, they have a hole for proper tying.

As they are heavier than those made of other materials, they avoid the use of additional weights. 

The lathe is a vice that holds the hook to work with the hairs and feathers on it.

Bobbin Holders are used to keep the thread spool fixed and to insert the hook. 

Knotters, are used to form the knot with the thread, you can use pens as knotters, or screwdrivers with very fine tips.

Hacke's pliers are used to spin the feathers around the hook.

Instant glue is necessary to apply at the end of the knots on the fly.

Another necessary implement in fly tying is the strike indicators, there are several options among them we can opt for those that have the shape of a soccer ball.

They come in packs of 12 balls, are a striking orange color and provide great ease to place and remove them from the leader.

Hemostatic clamps are a must-have tool when it comes to fly tying.

These are a great help when it comes to working with knots when fly tying. 

Hooks come in numbers and are straight and curved, depending on the species you intend to fish, you must select the number of hooks to use.

The use of feathers is essential when fly tying and fishing, the use of pheasant feathers, cock's neck and kidney feathers gives very good results.  

If dubbing is used, squirrel and hare feathers in their natural colors are best.

Silk threads are a basic component in fly tying and fishing, it is best to have several spools of different colors, where black, brown, yellow among others, and of different thicknesses, thin threads for dry flies, and thicker ones for tying nymphs.

Other materials such as Foam, Kristal flash, Poly wind, and vinyl rib can be used. 

To increase efficiency and comfort when it comes to fly fishing, this corrugated foam box is a great help.

Is very easy to transport and provides great protection to the fly and dries quickly.

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