How to Tie Fly Fishing Flies

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How to tie fly fishing flies is perhaps the most interesting part when it comes to fly fishing. Almost all the anglers love to tie flies onto the hooks simply because it's the last bit involved in preparations that leads them into the actual fishing. There a wide range of flies to choose from and as a result, trying the flies depends on your choice and the style you love.    

The majority of experienced anglers have their own specific ways of tying flies since they know the most effective technique that attracts more fish. However, this should not be a worry to newbies simply because tying flies is the easiest of all when it comes to flies set up.

 Flies usually come in different styles and designs which are specifically meant to attract the fish and be buoyant in water. Given the right materials and proper guidelines, tying flies is always full of fan. So if you were still stuck and not knowing where to begin from when it comes to tying flies, then you can smile since a step by step procedure for tying fly fishing flies are given below.  

Materials needed for tying fly fishing flies. 

There is various equipment which you must for proper tying of fly fishing flies these materials include; Streamer hooks which are long preferably those which range between 4-10 inches. Ideally, long hooks allow you to ties as many flies as you want in case you love using multi-hook lines. Additionally, they should be strong enough to enable them to withstand any opposing forces from the fish as it struggles with the hook bait. 

A vice.

 It's also one of the most important fly tying essentials that are needed in holding varied hook sizes and shapes.


It helps in holding the threads spool as you rap it on the hook to attach materials firmly. 


 They are necessary for cutting the fly tying threads into small diameters. Consider choosing a fine and pointed advisor that is sharp. 

Head cement. 

It's used to stick the fly knots firmly to prevent it from untying. 

Hackle pliers. 

Are good for holding delicate fly features as you tie them on the hook. 

Whip Finisher. 

It helps in tightening the fly knots. 

Hair stacker.

 It's mostly needed when tying flies using animal furs. They make the furs fine and even. 

Tying the fly fishing ties. 

Begin by securing the hook in your desired vice and make several turns of wire around the hook. Tie the fly feathers where the hook beds and remove any extra feathers. Roll several crumbs along the thread to add dubbing along the thread. Ensure you roll the dubbed thread properly on the hook up to its eye as it if produces a tapered feature that is fine. Wrap the feather fly feathers forwards using handle pliers and tighten it at the hooks eye.  

Hold the hair using your thumb and the tip of the fingers and on top of the flies while at the same time aligning the flies with the bent part of the hook before securing it in place. Using several round turns of fine thread. Fasten the fly flies properly and add cement to strengthen the attachment.

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