How to Choose Fly Fishing Flies for Largemouth Bass?

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It is of vital significance for fly fishers to choose the suitable fly fishing flies for largemouth bass because only when you choose the right fly fishing fly can you successfully catch the largemouth bass. Without any doubt, if you want to catch more fish, you also need to know about its basic living habits. I am sure that if you are very familiar with one kind of fish like largemouth bass, you will be adept at fly fishing. 

At first, fly fishers need to know basic knowledge about largemouth bass. Largemouth bass, also known as perch, is a kind of big fish, whose body is extended and the side is flat. As is known to all, the mouth of this kind of bass is large. What’s more, the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw. Two dorsal fins are connected only at the base of the largemouth bass. Irregular black spots are scattered on the back of its body and the spine of the dorsal fin, which will become less obvious as it grows. 

If you still do not know how to tell it from other fish, you can know more. The back of its body is dark gray and the abdomen is silver-white. The largest largemouth bass can reach more than one meter and weigh more than 10 kilograms. Largemouth bass loves warm water, living in the middle and lower layer of water. Thus, you can choose the right fly fishing flies for largemouth bass. It moves between nearshore or offshore relatively deep waters with seasonal changes and doesn’t migrate far away. 

Sometimes largemouth bass will forage at the confluence of salt and freshwater or freshwater. Therefore, if you want to catch them successfully, you can go to these places for fly fishing. To be honest, largemouth bass is a bit ferocious and mainly feeds on small fish and crustaceans so that you should use such fly fishing lures to attract them. As there are a variety of fly fishing baits for different fish, you would better be careful and prudent to choose the most suitable one. 

They mostly forage near the nearshore reef area. In addition, largemouth bass usually inhabits, swims, and feeds on the bottom of underwater reefs and marine plants, as well as the included angle or edge zone where the current flows, waiting for opportunities to prey on small fish. If fly fishers do not know how to select a fishing position, you can just observe the sea surface from a specific position and determine fishing positions according to the color change of the seawater and the underwater shade. 

Generally speaking, the whole sea surface is blue but in some small areas is dark blue or black blue so that you can make sure that there must be underwater reefs or areas where sea plants grow where it is a good place for you to catch largemouth bass. Up to now, I think you should know that choosing a suitable fly fishing fly is as important as choosing a good fly fishing position. You need to choose fly fishing baits according to their preferences. 

There are also several common fly fishing flies for largemouth bass that you should know. First of all, the Clouser Minnows are usually used in sea fly fishing. Certainly, you can select the color according to your preferences such as light yellow, white, pink, and so on. If you can judge the size of the largemouth bass ahead of time, it will be convenient for you to choose the best fly fishing fly. For instance, if the largemouth bass is larger to some extent, you should try Clouser or Deceiver Half. 

Then, if you find that the water temperature of your fly fishing position becomes lower or the water becomes thick, you should use the rubber nymph which is suitable for sliding at the bottom of the water. What’s more, there is one kind of fly fishing bait, commonly known as a shadowy mode. If fly fishers are going to go fly fishing in lakes where there are a large number of fish raised by human beings, you can use this kind of fly fishing baits which are made of rabbits’ hair.

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