How to Learn Tenkara Dry Fly Fishing Skill?

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Tenkara dry fly fishing is a prevalent fishing method in Japan but nowadays, it has spread to many countries and is attractive to many fishing lovers. As the number of individuals who are fond of fishing is increasing gradually, different fishing methods have been invented, discovered, and spread by people. If you want to have a good time, you can learn one of them which can do you a favor. 

Tenkara is a kind of fishing method, also known as the Japanese hook fishing method in streams. Of course, if you haven't heard its name, you will feel strange about it. However, I believe you will feel familiar at no time. Tenkara, which is originated in Japan, is a kind of fishing method rising almost at the same time as fly fishing in Britain. 

Tenkara fishing tool is only made up of a fly fishing rod, two kinds of fishing line, and the iconic hairy hook. With time passing by, it has enjoyed a reputation from home and abroad. 

The difference between Tenkara and fishing methods from Taiwan lies in the absence of buoys and sinkers. At the same time, it replaces traditional bait with fake bait. The fishing method from Taiwan is one of the most popular methods for fisherman and fisherwoman currently, and it was spread from Taiwan to the Chinese mainland in the 1980s. 

In terms of the fishing method, it is also completely different from the fishing method from Taiwan. The main area for fishing is usually in shallow places with live water such as streams. In addition, the target fish are mainly aggressive fish. The primary tool of the tenkara fishing approach is especially simple, which will be basically as follows.

1. The mainline for the tenkara fishing method is made up of gradually shrinking nylon which is weaved by many strings. 

2. You need to connect a subline at the front of the main line. If it is convenient to throw, the line should be longer to increase the scope of fly fishing and to turn down the sound of bait into the water. 

3. The baits used in tenkara fishing are fake baits, which are composed of various kinds of feathers, animal hair, and man-made materials, like the baits used in Western fly fishing

The operation method of tenkara dry fly fishing is also very simple. Even you are a beginner, you can learn how to do it. People can wave the fishing rod to move the line so that the line will send the hook to a suitable place. Then the hook will move along with the current. After a certain distance, it will lose its natural state so the fisherman can move the rod again. They may throw the bait to the upstream again. 

During the drifting of the hook, the fisherman can drag the fishing rod slightly by shaking or lifting gently to make the hook move like an insect falling into the water, struggling and fleeing so as to attract the attack of the fish.

As is known to all, fishing skill is extremely significant for all people. There are several skills you can use to promote your fishing competency. 

It is critical for you to choose a good position. Often in the same area, in some places, you can succeed quickly while in other places you may need a longer time. The choice of the fly fishing position depends on experience. You should know the life habits of fish so that you can stipulate the place where fish will get together. 

You should choose the proper bait that should be the favorite food of the fish. For example, crucian carp likes earthworm. Before going fishing, you must find out the species and habits of the fish you want to catch. If you don't know, you may receive a terrible result after making much effort. 

Finally, you have to prepare fishing tools. The preparation of fishing gear must also be careful as you may need different tools to tempt different fish. 

Tenkara dry fly fishing is an effective way of fishing. Though it is very simple, you should pay much attention to your learning. There might be more and more methods for fishing but you can learn this at present, which will benefit you a lot.

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