Read This Before Buying A Tenkara Pocket Fly Fishing Rod

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Are you planning to buy a Tenkara pocket fly fishing rod? Before you pull the trigger, you need to learn some facts about this brand and model of the fishing rod. First of all, you need to know why it's called a pocket rod. It is because of its very compact size. This rod is not only small in size, but it's also very light. Because of its small size and its negligible weight, the Tenkara rod is perfect for hiking. It's actually one of the smallest and lightest fishing rods on the market. Read on to know more facts about this small and light fishing rod from Tenkara. 

This rod is made by the Tenkara Rod Co., a company that is known for making quality rods. The company is based in Idaho, near some of the best trout rivers and streams in the world. The geography of Idaho serves as an inspiration for the design and functionality of the rods created by Tenkara. The company is on a mission to make rods that are simple enough for anyone to use. They believe that fly fishing shouldn't be complicated. Their rods are designed for people who simply want to go out and catch some fish. They want people to rediscover the simple joys that come from fly fishing. 

Tenkara Rod Co. was founded by people who live and breathe outdoor living. These people love nature. And of course, one of their favorite activities is fishing. They were able to translate their passion into creating rods that will allow people to enjoy fishing and see its real beauty. They strive to make technologically-advanced rods that are still well within the reach of most anglers, especially novice ones. The Tenkara pocket fly fishing rod is the best example of the company's ingenuity and innovative practices. It's a big achievement in the fishing world to be able to develop a rod that is capable yet small and compact.

So just how small is this Tenkara fishing rod? When extended, it is nine feet long but when packed, it is less than ten inches in length. It may be a stretch to call it pocketable but it is definitely small and compact. And as mentioned earlier, it is very light. It weighs a measly 1.1 ounces. With a line and leader, it still weighs less than 2 ounces. Carrying this surely won't be a burden so you can reserve your energy for the actual fishing instead of in the act of carrying gear. Because of its small size and weight, this rod is perfect for young anglers. 

If you've used a Tenkara rod before then you already know that they don't use a reel. Instead, the line is connected directly to the tip of the rod. This rod is very easy to use. Extending the rod takes no effort at all and can be done in seconds. The Tenkara pocket fly fishing rod is perfect for small streams and is capable of catching medium-size fish.

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