What is Tenkara Fly Fishing and what essentials you should know?

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In this article we shall be explaining what is Tenkara fly fishing. It is the Japanese method of fly fishing that uses a line, rod and fly only. It shines through mountain streams that present the best fly presentation due to their long rods and light lines. The method can also be effective in alpine lakes or in urban fish ponds where you can catch the panfish or the bass.

The Tenkara method provides those who practice it with an intuitive and fun way to fly-fish and it is an experience that one can take up easily as a hobby.

How to start Tenkara Fly Fishing

Tenkara fly fishing is an inexpensive way of fly fishing because it uses simple lightweight gear and therefore perfect for backpackers who love the back-country experience.

The first step to Tenkara Fly fishing is to take a fishing guide on how to set the rod and how to cast it in the water. Getting coached in a river provide the best learning methods for you because you will get the real experience and meet the challenges that you would meet in real life when you are on your own.

As with any other fishing techniques, the key to becoming great in the art is to try different things. You will fail in some of the things you will try out but this is what is required in the learning curve. The skill requires patience and after a few failed attempts you will figure it out and start enjoying the process. Getting out frequently will ensure that you get more hours for training on this skill and practice makes perfect.

Choosing the Level Line 

Fishing lines are either the traditional woven ones or the fluorocarbon level lines. The latter is easier to spot while in water and it enables you to feel more fish strikes as opposed to the traditional line. These strikes are one of the best indicators of catching fish and the more sensitive your line is to the fish the more fish you will catch.

Using a shorter line makes it a lot easier to cast and gives one more control over the placement of the fly. For instance, a 9-foot line gives a much better control ability that an 11 line one. As a beginner, using a shorter line is much easier to handle.

Positioning Yourself

You need to learn where to hide so that you have a better view of the fish so that you are in a better position to catch more fish. For instance, the trout hide in water surfaces that have bubbles to hide from predators seeing the overhead.


It is best if you can learn to tie your own flies because the process will teach you about the eating habits of the fish you want to catch with indications of the kind of insects that they prefer to eat. This will help you to create your own fishing patterns and discover many ways that will come in handy for you to have an experienced hand in the long run. We hope that you now understand what is Tenkara fly fishing is and you can now start it as a hobby.

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