Choosing A Good Fly Tying Vise

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Choosing a good fly tying vise is not an easy task as one might think. There are a lot of things involved and not unless if you know what to look for, you might end up making the wrong decision. Looking for a good fly tying vise is even more tricky for individuals who have never done this before. There are very many flies tying vises available in the market however not all are good for you. To ensure that you don't end wasting your hard-earned money when looking for fly tying vises, this article is going to guide you on what you should consider when purchasing your fly tying vises.  Below are some things to pay attention to when choosing your fly tying vises.  

1. The Cost Of The Fly Tying Vise.   

When purchasing your fly tying vises, it is good to consider the cost of the fly tying vise and the amount you have to spend. As already said above, there are very many types of vises available in the market, however, they all cost a different amount. Some can be very costly while others are budget friendly. They cost of vises can be anywhere between $30 to more than $1000. You can get a good vise costing between $100 to $300. When buying your tying vise remember that you don't have to break the bank. Go only for what you can afford to pay with ease. You should likewise be keen not to purchase poor quality vises that might cost less amount.  

2. Dose Base Or C-Clamp fly tying vises?  

Another thing that you have to put into consideration when buying your vise is how you want your vise mounted on the tying area. There is two option in this case that you can consider. That is the c-clamp or the pedestal base. 

A c-clamp vise is attached to an edge of the desk, table or bench. When attached properly it gives a solid connection which does not move a lot while fly tying and is mobile. It can, however, leave marks on the bench you are attaching the vise to.   

The pedestal base is a flat and heavy metal piece with a hole where the shaft of the vise is placed and tightened with a bolt or screw. The bases are much sturdy and one can place them on any surface. They are very heavy hence not portable.  

3. Rotary or Stationary? 

 Another thing you have to consider when purchasing your fly tying vises is if you want rotary or a stationary one. A stationary vise is one that can't move. On the other hand, the rotary vise can be rotated. The stationary vise can be good for a beginner since they are simple to use. You can, however, upgrade to rotary with time. With the rotary vise, one can easily wrap the material around the hook by simply turning the vise head. The rotary also allows you to have a good view( from all the angles) of the flies you are tying.  

The above are some few considerations to make when choosing you to fly tying vises. Keep these in mind to ensure that you buy the best value for your money.

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