Tungsten Beads Head Ball Fly Tying Material 18 Different Colors

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    25pcs/lot 2.0-4.0mm Fly Tying Tungsten Beads Round Nymph Head Ball Fly Tying Material 13 Different Colors

    Tungsten Fly Tying Beads are used for tying bead head fly patterns. These beads are specially countersunk drilled for fly tying, with the hole on one end smaller so it will not slide over the hook eye. Tungsten beads are heavier than brass beads of the same diameter size. These beads are great for getting flies deep in a hurry. Tungsten Fly Tying Beads have 7 colors. Copper, gold, orange, pink, rainbow, silver, black are available.

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    The best bead heads I try, the weight of tungsten sink faster a nymph in slow and fast water, it help to catch more fish also the heavy weight
    help to don't add extra weight in lead wire in tying and nymps look better and isn't toxic.


    Ostrich herl. Looks fishy tied on Maxcatch fly tying beads.


    Had to tie more of my favorite fly. Gave away some you kids yesterday because they were wondering what power bait we were using. Tied on Maxcatch Barbless Hooks and beads.


    The item is good, fast delivery, thanks to the seller !


    All perfect, very happy. Useful beads!

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