The chief reason for a fly tying vise is to hold a snare safely.

The capacity of a fly tying vise is to hold a snare with the goal that it won't slip or move during the tying procedure, yet simultaneously not create any perceptible harm to snare finish or structure. Weight on the snare well past this "protected" point turns into a risk.

A significant test for vise creators is the manner by which to hold bigger snares safely. For little snares, the fashioner has an alternate concern- - how to give the best access to the snare once it is mounted in the jaws.

Fly tying is a delicate craft, one that requires a steady hand and a stable work surface to ensure the creation to inch-perfect flies that perfectly encapsulate the look and presence of their flesh and blood counterparts.

While the solution for a steady hand falls outside of our current sphere of knowledge, we here at Maxcatch can provide a solution to help stabilize your work surface and thus safeguard your flies from unwarranted and unprovoked movements that could potentially ruin hours of hard work in the form of our specially-designed vises.

Featuring full 360-degree rotation and forged from carbon and aluminium, our range of vises are a sure-fire of safeguarding your flies by providing a stable and secure working platform.   

TVC New model Green color fly tying vise
A beginner's vise that will satisfy experienced tiers as well. The Apprentice Vise has a r..
$45.00 $99.88
Whole combo Fly Tying Tool Set Traveller Tackle Kit
FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING ALL OVER THE WORLDWhole combo Fly Tying Tool Set Traveller Tackle Ki..
$159.00 $233.99
Professional Stable Rotary Fishing Tying Vise Alloy Fly Tying Vice Tool Flies Accessories
·         Advanced rotary actuator · &nb..
$99.00 $139.99
Fly Tying Vise MiniQ
Fit for 14--20# Fly tying Hook5*5 cm Steel BaseVise shaft attaches to steel base.  Vi..
Fly Tying Vise CVS
 Fly Tying Vise CVS:Best Quality Aluminum body + Hard Chromium Carbon Steel JawsClamp..
$27.80 $89.99
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