1. Why my status shows"pending" after I finished my payment?

Answer: Because the system of our website maintains the status as pending if you processed with a fast payment via Paypal, it doesn't mean that we didn't receive your payment, once you completed your payment, we'll get your order

2. Where’s my tracking information?

Answer: You can find the tracking information in your order history, we provide the tracking number within your order receipt. You can use the tracking number and search through the link. If you really have a problem finding your order, please email us at: [email protected] Please let us know your order number or your order name. We need them to find all the necessary information.

3. Why I can't track my order?

Answer: The link is different (not from our service) and most of the shipping information needs time to get updated on their website. So take it easy if there is any error about shipping information. Normally the ordinary shipping will take 15-25 days, and it's free. For South American countries, it will be more than 1 month. The other shipping way is express shipping, it will take between 3-15 days. It depends on your country's customs and local delivery company. We have no idea about the tax and customs rules in your country, please notice it’s an international delivery, make the order after enough thought.

4. About Shipping problems.

We have two shipping methods: The default is Express shipping (Order over $200) and ordinary shipping (Free shipping), please leave a correct address with your order, and we will ship all the orders to the shipping address you left on the website, we are sorry you can’t use PO BOX address if you choose express shipping.

5. How can I get Maxcatch gifts?

Answer: We provide free gifts for all the orders on the Maxcatch website. All the gifts are randomly selected. For orders over $1000, we provide a gift selection, please leave us a message with your order and if we agree with your special demand we will pack your gifts as you requested before, we are sorry if the main package is separated from its, our packers will not pack it if there’s no message to remind them.

6. I have questions about specific products.

Please let us know which products you are interested in, you can also send us the link with your question. Sorry for the delay, we will try our best to reply to you during the next 72 hours. Excuse us we are off on weekends.

7. I have a problem with the products:

If you received the wrong product, please take photos of it and email us, please let us know your order number.

8. For South American Countries:

Express company needs your tax number if you choose express shipping and you are in South American countries. Please leave us your tax number with your order, we can’t ship your order if we don’t get it. We do not include tax for you.

9. About the free warranty?

Answer: We only have free warranty for this official website orders. Please provide us your order number on this official website, we recommend you order directly from us to get your customer rights. We do not have any other website online!

10. Our official Social media:

Search “Maxcatchfishing” to join the Maxcatch social media channel.



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