What Weight Fly Rod for Bass Fishing

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What Weight Fly Rod for Bass Fishing

When many people hear about fly fishing, they think it's about fishing exclusively for trout. However, there are particular areas where you can fish for bass. Both smallmouth and largemouth bass can be found in lakes and rivers, so why not fly fish for bass. Fishing for bass can be extremely challenging especially if you are a new fisherman. 

Normally, bass fight hard strike strong and so when you are fly fishing for them, you must have the correct tools to sustain the fight. A fly rod is one of the most essential tools to factor in during bass fishing. A fly rod is a tool that transfers energy from the fisherman to the fly through the fly line. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a fly rod for bass fishing. fly rod weight will be the factor of choice for this article.  

 Fly fishing rod weights   

Fly rod weights range from 0-14 units. This whole range can be classified into three: light-weight, medium-weight, and heavy-weight. The weight you choose depends on four factors: fish size, fishing location, cast length, and fly type.  

 -Light-weight (0-3): light-weight rods are delicate and ultra-light. They are suitable for fishing smaller fish like panfish or small trout. They are suited for fishing in tight waters where the distance you are casting is short. Small flies match this type of rods.  

 -Medium-weight (4-8): medium weights are excellent compromises between the lightweights and heavyweights. They can fish for all types of trout and small bass. You can cast greater distance with these rods. You'll need medium sized flies.  

 -Heavy-weight (9-14): heavyweight rods are primarily used in saltwater locations. They can also be used in any place where there is a large open casting area. You use large flies with this rod to catch monster fishes.   

Selecting rod weight for bass  

Great bass fishing can be achieved with the right choice of rod weight. When looking at fly rods for bass, experts suggest that rods of weight 4-5 are good for small bass. Rods weighing 6-7 units are the best for medium-sized bass. Weights of 8-9 are good for larger bass. To catch the stripped bass, you'll need a fly rod weight of 9-12 units.   

If you are a beginner, a medium weight rod (4-8) is the easiest to cast. However, as you gain more experience in bass fly fishing, your comfort might be limited by using only the medium rods. You'll, therefore, need to change the weight of rod according to the area you are fishing because the area determines the type of bass.   

What this means is that if you'll e casting in large open areas, you'll want to use a heavy weight rod. This time, you'll be targeting to catch the stripped bass. Similarly, if you'll be casting in moderately big water bodies, you can expect to catch bass of any size. For such areas, you'll use the medium weight rod.   

Fly fishing for bass can be a great experience for both beginners and experienced anglers. It's just about having a little bit of knowledge and knowing when and where to apply it.

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