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Have you ever heard about Bass Pro fly fishing reels or just Bass Pro? Bass Pro, founded in 1971, is an American supplier of fishing, camping, hunting, and other superior outdoor sporting products. The idea of this brand is to inspire people to enjoy their outdoor activities with the best goods it provides. The founder of Bass Pro is Johnny Morris who used to be a keen fisherman. So let's have a further look at Bass Pro fly fishing reels!

Bass Pro fly fishing reels

At Bass Pro, there are many different kinds of fishing reels: bait cast reels, spin-cast reels, spinning reels, saltwater reels, fly reels and so on. The price of its fly fishing reels ranges from about 30 dollars to even 835 dollars. And the most reviewed kind is Pflueger Automatic Fly Reel, 6-8 weight, which is a longtime favorite among fly fishermen who like to fly fish in farm ponds and small streams. This reel can be said as the most efficient auto-return fly fishing reel.    

More information about Bass Pro

Actually, it can be said that Bass Pro like is more a museum rather than a shop because to some degree, it moves the outdoor life into its physical shops. In every classical Bass Pro physical shop, there are almost 3500 ancient ornaments. And you can find that the decorations on the wall are specimens of various hunted wild animals like deer, cattle and foxes, especially fishes.

Because it is a shop of outdoor sporting equipment, you can find not only small items such as fly fishing gear, camping tents and outdoor clothing but also large ones like kayaks and speedboats. Besides these outdoor products, every Bass Pro shop would provide its customers with free outdoor skill training, covering outdoor photography, fly fishing, camping, and other different courses. At the same time, it would appeal to its customers for protecting the environment.

Maxcatch is also a professional fly fishing equipment mall, I believe you can find the best fly fishing rod. Competition NANO A-Helix Core Fast Action Fly Rod is the latest product, it has the following advantages:

* Made of IM10 Japanese Toray carbon, Nanotechnology construction

* Hard burled wood and Aluminum anodized reel seat

* SEA-GUIDE Model AG guides, Hi-grade solid Titanium frame with a ceramic ring inserted, hard chrome stainless steel snake guides, and tip-top

* Best AAA grade Portuguese Cork handle, comfortable and durable

* Comes with Cordura rod tube

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