What is the basic technique used for Redfish Fly Fishing?

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What is the basic technique used for Redfish Fly Fishing?

Redfish Fly Fishing is typically suited to anglers who are well experienced in saltwater. A common myth about redfish fishing is the best season which falls on fall months or early winter. This myth is not true to the knowledge of experienced anglers. It is proved that the redfish can be targeted throughout the year. It is available all around the seasons for the anglers and so the anglers even beginners are interested in it. Even though, the year-round presence of redfish, September to May months are ideal for fly fishing for the redfish fishing species. The common places where an angler found the redfish are channels, inlets, and estuaries. 

Whenever the water level is high, the redfish species are scattered into reedy shallows. This dispersal of fish species is common during summer months. Redfish usually concentrate more on baitfish, especially mullet species. Small crabs and shrimp varieties are also eaten by the species to a great extent. The feeding places are mostly seen in harbor mouth and river mouths. The redfish species are mainly bottom feeders on shellfish and shrimp. The feeding habits of the fish species vary in a year and not constant. 

Perfect gear for redfish fishing 

Right fishing gear is very important for catching redfish species. The exact gear is selected by the anglers to catch these species in an exact way. Most anglers choose spinning rods that sized about 6 to 7-foot length is ideal. The rod power is a must for catching the redfish in the water. You need to use a lengthy rod to get into the depth of the water because these fishes go under the boat. The reel capacity is also taken into account by the anglers when they target mostly on redfish. The reel capacity of about 150 yards of line is top and better for easy fishing. Baitcasting rods with very light tip selection is preferred. However, lightweight rods are best for casting throughout the day. Fly rods of medium to fast action is best.

Best lures for catching redfish

The best bait used by the experienced anglers to catch redfish is live shrimp and mud minnows. Croakers and pinfish are also yielding good results for the anglers who are very interested. Some basic techniques are adopted by the well-experienced anglers to cope with the successful fishing of redfish. Clouser minnows and deceiver patterns are used as bait for fly fishing techniques. Rattling plugs are mainly used in turbid water conditions. For topwater conditions, the best bait used is Sebile Splasher.

A 3/0 to 6/0 circle hook is considered suitable to catch redfish species. The best leader used to catch the species of redfish is 20 lb to 25 lb mono leader. The thicker and stronger leader line is fit into the expectations of an angler. This shallow water fish species is mostly found in the United States of America's gulf coasts. A beginner who wants to practice redfish fishing can get some basic training with the help of an experienced angler for better results. This is because redfish fly fishing needs some basic techniques to catch.

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