Five Most Important Redfish Fly Fishing Techniques

May 12, 2019 Team Mazu Views: 3126

Do you need redfish fly fishing techniques? Do you feel it’s difficult to fish the redfish? Maybe you have these 5 mistakes. We made this to help you make more harvest. Check if you have any of these problems.

1.Wrong Casting
Redfish are sensitive to the environment and easily frightened. New anglers always make too much false casting that lead to redfish quickly escape. An easy way to avoid this is to make yourself to one backcast, this may let you can’t cast far away, but it will double your opportunity of fishing.

2.Do Not a Weed Guard
You know redfish usually climb up to the grass flats to prey on through the grass. How can you not use a weed guard? If you don’t have it, your fly pick up grass quickly and then you miss the redfish.

3.No Patience
New redfish anglers are easy to be impatient, this is not a good habit when fishing. What you need to do is to observe the fish for a few minutes and wait for it move to a place that you can get a good cast.

4.Rocking the boat
Many fishermen shake their body unconsciously when casting, this makes the boat rock lightly. It’s enough to spook the redfish. The way to handle this is to take a wide stance on your boat and having a loose cast so that you can stand upright.

5.Flawed presentation
The most important question when fishing redfish is how you show your fly to fish. You should consider the weight of your fly, the wind direction, the weather and the way you cast. Redfish is challenging and you need more time to learn it.
You know the mistakes easy to make now, and you’d better practice out of the water as if you meet different situations on the flats. You can get great improve by this way.

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