Welcome to Salmon Fly Fishing in Scotland

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Welcome to Salmon Fly Fishing in Scotland

Salmon fly fishing in Scotland, for many fly fishing anglers, is definitely a good choice. Scotland has long enjoyed a good reputation around the world for there being many well-known salmon rivers which are good places to hold salmon fly fishing activities. Where and when to fly fish in Scotland, let’s have a look.

√ Why Scotland?
Scotland provides salmon fly fishing anglers with excellent access to rivers with diverse sizes and features.
When it comes to Scottish salmon fly fishing, Salmo salar, namely the Atlantic salmon have to be mentioned. They swim through most of Scottish rivers, starting from the feeding grounds in the North Atlantic into the rivers in Scotland and then against the current to reach where they spawn by late fall. During this process, they almost cover hundreds of, even thousands of miles, confronting strong flows and seemingly insuperable waterfalls. Therefore, they are named after the Latin word "Salar" which means the "leaper" in English.

√ Where to salmon fly fishing?
The major salmon fly fishing rivers are widely distributed across Scotland.
In the northern part, the salmon anglers could find the potential of little salmon spate rivers in summer such as the Sheil, Naver, Dionard and so on, where success largely rests on timing.
In the South, February to November fit salmon fly fishing well. Here locates the River Tweed, the fourth of the big four Scottish salmon fishing rivers.
Besides some large and small rivers, Central Scotland offers medium sized rivers as well like the Deveron, Don and Findhorn.
In the Scottish Islands, there are many wild lochs where salmon would run when rain comes. Thus, angers could enjoy their sport in a drifting boat and also a dapped dry fly in a good windy day.

√ When to salmon fly fishing?
In Scotland, there is a Scottish Salmon Fishing Season. Generally, the season lasts from January to November. The reason why it lasts for nine months is that the time of the salmon's running into Scotland's different rivers varies a lot. Thus different rivers have their specific permitted fishing seasons while most of Scotland's salmon fishing rivers will not be closed until the end of October.

So if you want to enjoy the great salmon fly fishing feast, Scotland will be a solid choice!

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