Why Salmon Fly Fishing in Washington?

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Salmon fly fishing in Washington always attracts a lot of fly fishermen. But why Washington or does Washington have something special? After reading this passage, you will not only work the doubt out, but also have an preliminary understanding of Coho.

√ Coho in Washington
Washington State locates in the north-west of the USA and borders on the Pacific Ocean. Coho Salmon, often called as Silver Salmon, is one of several strains of Pacific salmon. Coho, which can be found in State of Washington, are renowned for being aggressive when facing a fly and their acrobatics once hooked. Thus, salmon fly fishing in Washington becomes a good choice for anglers who love challenges. The sizes of the salmon vary from species to species and even just in Washington, Coho of the northern areas are usually about one-thirds size smaller than those in the South.

√ Coho's life
Once being the fry in spring, Coho spend nearly one year and a half in fresh water before running to the sea. From late July to early August, coho, Coho begin to gather in the estuaries and when the fall comes, they migrate up river slightly with the help of the rising water levels of the streams from rains. Then they start living in the Ocean.
When the spawning time comes again, Coho salmon swim into many small coastal streams and the tributaries of larger rivers where they like to hide their eggs under small to medium sized gravel. This is a true portrayal of Coho's life cycle.

√ Better time for Washington salmon fly fishing
As the editor has mentioned above, Coho salmon always gather together since late July in the estuaries. During this time, fly fishermen can target these salmon. Also, when Coho migrate up river by virtue of the rising water levels in the autumn, fishermen can these fish in fresh water.

The phenomenon that Coho never give up their lives easily and will fight fiercely against what obstructs them intrigues fly anglers to pursue them with a fly rod. Although the process for Coho salmon fly fishing is tough, everything will pay off when fishermen eventually hook one aggressive salmon.

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