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Fly-fishing is one of the most common outdoor sports on the planet today. And since it has been developing with technology over the years, much of the information about it can be found online. This is because many professional anglers are generously sharing their knowledge frequently on the internet through various fly fishing websites.   

Regardless of whether you are a beginner and want to learn how flies are tied, or an advanced tier that wants to know what is trending in the world of fishing, or even the types of flies that are best for specific scenarios, you can find everything you want on the internet. In this post, we look at some of the best top fly fishing websites.   

1. Moldy Chum    

This is one of the top fly fishing websites and is worth every fly tier's attention irrespective of whether they are newbies or talented individuals. The owners of this website understand that quality blogging is one of the best tools to make aspiring anglers better fishers in society. Each day, they post about two to three blogs. This is more than most fishing websites can offer daily. The site's slogan is serving fresh daily and it contains very informative and serious content about fly fishing.   

2. Essential Fly Website   

One of the most popular suppliers of tools and materials used for fly fishing. They deal with materials and flies for many different types of fish including bass, salmon, trout, graying, and etcetera. These include hooks, capes, stonfo, braids, chenilles, threads, wires, and many others. This top fly fishing website is award-winning and you must visit it to learn more about tying flies with their quality videos and great content.    

3. Fly Tying Forum   

This is arguably the best, most popular, and largest community globally that deals with flying tying. If you are a dedicated fly tier, there is no doubt to register and join this wonderful community. Registration is gratis and currently, there are about 15K members with more than 400K posts. In the fly pattern database, over 6K patterns have been uploaded by the forum members. If you are not a member already, ensure you have an account with this great fly fishing website.    

4. Midcurrent 


One of the most exceptional and top fly fishing websites. It can also be considered as a blog that contains a wide collection of knowledge about fly fishing on the internet. It has more than 20K pages of reviews, photography, daily news and tips, travel, art, and videos. You can also find great books from renowned authors and also the guest posts. They cover a wide variety of articles in their weekly newsletters including strategies and techniques of tying flies, the fly fishing rods, fly liners, and others. Updates on the news are made each and every day.   

5. Global FlyFisher   

This is one of the oldest sites for fly-tiers and fishermen. As a matter of fact, it has a background that dates back in the-year-1994. This can be proven by just looking at the design and appearance of the website. The articles are of high quality and some of them are as old as 27 years. The website is worth every aspiring fly tier's visit.    

The above is the list of the top fly fishing websites. You can utilize these sites to gain more knowledge about this outstanding sporting activity.

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