GAZE Trout Light weight Fly Fishing Reel with waterproof sealed drag

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    Real Affordable Waterproof Reel with Light Weight and Modern Drag System – Maxcatch Designed the Gaze to be a really waterproof reel with premium performance drag system but still light weight for all day casting.

    And most important. It is amazingly Underpriced to Let more angler be able to enjoy more happy time on the water and less time get the gear ready.

    Die-casting and CNC Machined combined technology for high-impact durability and Light Weight – the main body is made of casting and CNC cut tech.

    and the reel foot and spool balance are made into One-body with the body to make it light and durable. The spool cap and Drag Knob is cut from 6061-T6 Bar stock aluminum for long time performance

    Waterproof Sealed Stacked Teflon and Stainless Steel Disc Drag System with one-way bearing provides smooth, immediately drag engagement.

    Especially in sandy and dusty environment. The sealed system will save a lot for the angler

    Proprietary Design – the Idea comes from a beautiful Arctic Char that was caught in Lapland Sweden. We named the reel GAZE.

    Just like when I hold the fish in hands. Both the fish and me gazed at each other. Super Large arbor spool for swift line retrieval that will really benefit to land larger fish.

    TWO-YEAR-WARRANTY and LifeTime Repairing Warranty - MAXCATCH as a professional fly reel factory Since 2005, offer “No Hassle” warranty for all our reels for at least two year.

    If you are not 100% satisfied with our rod, you can return it in any time. And we also offer lifetime repairing for all Maxcatch reels.

    Designed by Maxcatch team,super strong reel structure fly fishing reels that you can get for the money.

    Why we choose Die Casting for Gaze this time?

    Most fly fishers use die-cast reels and providing you don't drop them hard onto the ground,they should continue to perform well for many years.

    Maxcatch Gaze is one of the better-produced ones and has no rough edges, a smooth finish and a low weight and good rigidity.


    Matthew McKee

    I have had a chance to use the Gaze reel and wanted to give you my review. First I wanted to say that the reel is well made. The one piece construction is strong and lightweight. You can fish this reel all day without fatigue. Durability is a must and this reel has it. I'm pretty rough on reels and it has survived several drops with only scratches. That is a plus in my book. The drag is nice and very smooth. The reel has a large arbor that can hold enough backing and fly line for any fishing situation. Matched up with Maxcatch floating line, the reels large arbor allowed the line to peel off easy and smooth. Overall I am very pleased with the reel. It is a great addition to my fly fishing arsenal. I will be using the reel on my fall fishing trip to upstate New York for salmon and steelhead. I will send pics and give another review. Thanks for the opportunity to review the reel.


    Everything is fine,Thank you coil fire,seller sent immediately, came very quickly! 

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