The Ultimate Guide For Buying Bonefish Fly Fishing Gear

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The Ultimate Guide For Buying Bonefish Fly Fishing Gear


Those new to fishing might have heard the term bonefish from a couple of anglers. Arguably, this type of fish is highly sorted after in the sport by anglers worldwide. These fish naturally occur in the warm tropics and areas near the equator. Unlike most fish, bonefish are caught for sport and not for dining purposes. Bonefish are normally silver in color but vary with the location and exposure to sunlight. As a result, some consider these fish to be grey-silver ghosts because of their elusiveness. 

Fishing for bonefish requires a high level of accuracy. Hence you need the best bonefish fly fishing gear the market has to offer. The guide below offers a unique insight when shopping for bonefish fly fishing gear.

Fly Rods For Fishing Bonefish

First of all, you need to understand that bonefish occurs naturally in saltwater. As a result, you need a rod that’s going to match the needs of saltwater found in the Caribbean, Seychelles and pretty much all saltwater fishing destinations. That said, a class 8 rod is the recommended class involving bonefish rods. A class 8 rod measures 275cm and features 4 parts. Most experts who have experience fishing in such waters recommend a class 8 rod as one of the ideal bonefish fly fishing gears.

Fly Reels For Bonefish Fishing

As mentioned earlier, you need to understand how saltwater works before you settle for bonefish fly fishing gear. For instance, saltwater can easily denature a fly reel. That is why you need to look for a water-resistant fly reel to increase your chances of catching the 'grey ghost'. This means that you do not have to keep rinsing the reel after use.

Nonetheless, daily care is a fundamental aspect of bonefish fishing. The last thing you want is buying fishing gear every other day. Saltwater can be aggressively hard on the fly reel. As a result, you need a fly reel that is completely saltwater proof. Be sure to check out some of these strong reels as shown here.

Furthermore, you need a fly reel that is strong and sturdy. Bonefish can grow up to 80m while swimming average speeds of 60km/h. You need a brake that’s gentle yet hard. To go together with the fly fishing reel is the fishing line. Bonefish are known to tear up the lines from time to time. You’ll need a strong sturdy line as shown here.


Bonefish are considered the ultimate prize in premier fishing games. These grey gems can be tough to catch but with the right bonefish fly fishing gear listed on our website, we believe that we can outwit these fish. Whether you are fishing in the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean islands, the right piece of equipment can help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars while making the fishing experience worthwhile. A class 8 rod and a premium strong reel with a tough line can get you a silver trophy. Head on to and get your bonefish fly fishing rod today.

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