Bonefish Fly Line 100 FT 8WT Sand / Blue Color With 2 Welded Loops Saltwater Fly Fishing Line

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    • 8WT saltwater fly line
    • 100FT in length
    • 2 welded loops
    • Medium stiff core
    • Anti-corrosion finish for added saltwater protection
    Revolutionize the way you catch bonefish with our brand-new, 8WT Saltwater Bonefish fly line. Featuring a medium length front taper for improved line turnover, and a long back taper for a smooth casting experience, this line is proficient in retaining its stability, even during the longest of casts, opening up a whole new world of casting opportunities for you, our valued customers. The whole line is fishing in an anti-corrosion tropical coating for added protection against saltwater.  

    Example : WF5F
    Overall Length : 100'
    BACK TAPER 11'5''
    BODY 29'5''
    FRONT TAPER 3'5''
    HEAD LENGTH 44'5''
    Line Size WF5F
    Running Line Length 55
    Rear Taper Length 11.5
    Body2 Length 29.5
    Front Taper Length 3.5
    Tip Length 0.5
    Total Head Length 45
    30Ft Weight 160
    Total Length 100
    Tensile Strength 25

    Real Bonefish
    Overall Length:100’

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