The fly fishing life Hagan

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The fly fishing life Hagan

Is the Fly Life for You?

Fly fishing life is a sure way to experience big skies and sparkling waters. Lightweight lures create large yields across pond, lake, or river. A pastime with a rich history, Izaak Walton described the fly fishing life as the "contemplative man's recreation" in 1653. The question is, is this combination of skill, luck, and patience the right life for you?

Do you like to fish?

A love of aquatic food is probably a good place to start exploring the fly fishing life. While focused on catching fish, there can be a surprising variation to your catch depending on the location you choose. The choice of saltwater or freshwater, cold water or warm can all make a difference. While fly fishing often focuses on trout, grayling, and salmon -- it also can yield pike, bass, panfish, carp, and snook. If you love fresh fish, fly life is for you.

Do you like to get into the water?

Fly fishing can be said to need no more than a pole and a simple fly plus a sturdy spot on the riverbank. While heavier equipment is not necessary, the fly fishing life ca definitely benefit from the experience of grabbing a pair of waders and getting out into the middle of some bubbling waters. While waders can provide some temperature protection, chances are that you'll get at least a little wet along the way. If you love water and splashing around, fly life may be a good fit for you.

Are you good with details and experimenting?

One of the key trademarks of the fly fishing life is the use of specialized "flies" to get the attention of nearby fish. Since the original flies were created with bits of wool or feather, current fly creation has evolved with time and technology. Dry flies are mimics of top-of-water insects such as mayflies. Difficult to get the perfect conditions, dry flies are known for high yields when things work right. 

Wet flies mimic nymph-stage insects or larva, essentially the fly stages before wings. Wet flies snare the fish below the water's surface. Streamers are large versions of a wet fly, and poppers are closer imitations to bait fish or small rodents that jump across the surface. Saltwater flies have a style yet again of their own. Part of the fly fishing life is choosing the right fly for the right job, whether you purchase or craft your own. If you love the experimentation and attention to detail, fly fishing life may be the hobby you've need.

There are so many nuances to the fly fishing life. You can choose the type of pool and material it is created from while selecting from a myriad of different fly styles meant for different casts. Fly fishing can be done almost anywhere there is water, but can also provide a great option to soak for yourself. And most important of all, don't forget the fish! Fly fishing can provide an extensive selection of fresh and saltwater catches for your table.

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