Ten Steps to Make Bulk Fly Fishing Files

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About bulk fly fishing flies, do you know they play a critical role in fly fishing? At the same time, we can make some belonged to us according to our own preference, and we call this process “fly tying”, which is regarded as the most interesting part of fly fishing because of its attraction of art, handwork and imagination. Today, we will tell you ten easy steps to make your own fly fishing flies. Are you ready to take your notes? Here we go.

Preparatory work before making fly fishing flies

Before we set about making bait, we need to get tools and materials ready. The tools normally are scissors, needles, holder, winding clamp, tool to put an end to the knots and feather clip, which is used to get feather twined.

As for material, you have a wide range of options, but if you are a beginner for making a fly fishing fly, it’s better to pick basic material before you know what you really want to make. The materials include feather, woolen yarn to make body, animal hair, small beads made of lead or plastic (you can cut a bead chain to get them), quick-driving glue, string of different size and hooks of different shape

Specific steps to make lure
Step 1: fix the hook with the clamp and twine string around the neck of hook more than a dozen

Step 2: twine two beads around the neck of hook as eyes and make sure they are tied closely

Step 3: keep on twining the string until the neck of hook is fully covered under the string to enhance friction

Step 4: coil a few peacock feathers around the neck of hook as the tail of insect

Step 5: twine the body string around the neck of hook and the shape of body is under your control

Step 6: cut off unnecessary string

Step 7: fix a few dear hairs on the neck of hook just in front of the eyes made by beads

Step 8: adjust the angle and form of the dear hairs

Step 9: make neckerchief with feather skillfully and coil it around the neck of hook

Step 10: twine more string around the head as an end

All in all, making bulk fly fishing flies is actually a process of creating art. If you want to know more about fly tying, search video online and try it yourself. A much more fantastic world is awaiting you.

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