Maxcatch Line Can Substitute Cortland Fly Fishing Line

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Maxcatch Line Can Substitute Cortland Fly Fishing Line

Cortland is a famous fly fishing store for most fly fishing anglers.They already build for more than 100 years.In 1915 Cortland Line Co. opens as a silk fishing line shop run by Ray Smith. Smith later patents a signature fly line.

For over 100 years Cortland Line has been designing and manufacturing the world’s most innovative fly line and braided fishing line.Today ,The company’s day to day operations are headed by John Wilson, a fly fishing expert from Arkansas. He wants to position Cortland for another great 100 years in fly fishing.

Here’s the line for cortland:

And for Maxcatch,which is a new company build for 15 years and all the lines was handmade and we checked all of them before pack to customers.

Here’s the photos for the Maxcatch best seller fly fishing line.This Gold line owns a healthy and environment friendly line spool.

Welded integrated loop eyes for easy connection and better urnover with smaless fly line to leader transition.

Our Real Gold fly fishing line is similar to cortland fly fishing line, but a little different. The Real Gold line is our own design, special in the fly fishing filed. The line has 2 welded loops at the ends, which makes it more convenient to use. When you go fly fishing, please take our Real Gold fly line, you will enjoy the pleasure it takes to you.

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