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Cortland fly fishing company is producing many fly-fishing products and line products for many years in the U.S.A. The Cortland shop was opened in 1915 and hence have a hundred years of service in the fly fishing industry. The various fishing products available at the company meet the needs of anglers. The products such as freshwater fly lines, saltwater fly lines, leaders and tippets, rods and reels, and even some more products are available for the customers who involve in fly fishing. Various categories of each product give the customer a nice experience.

Freshwater fly lines of Cortland fly fishing

The various freshwater fly line series available in the Cortland shop are Trout series, competition series, two-handed series, freshwater specialty series, freshwater classic series. The freshwater fly lines available at the shop are Medium belly spey cost at 80$, Long belly spey cost at 80$, Big shot, Modern trout cost at 70$, 444 Peach, Tropic all-purpose cost at 59$. The other freshwater fly lines are Spring creek, 444 sl, 444 SYLK, FULL sinking type 3 and 5 are available for the fishing lovers who shop at Cortland shop.

Different sizes available at Cortland fly fishing

The sizes and models differ as per the price of the product at the shop. The shop has different staff for assisting the customers who purchase the products. The technical advice of the staff to the customers is helpful for choosing the best product. The shop has many varieties that suit all destinations for the anglers. The other freshwater fly lines are Hover, slow intermediate fly line, FD-tech type 3, clear camo intermediate, Modern trout, FD-tech float, camo TIP 7, Ghost Tip 15, quick decent 15-250GR.

Cortland shop for fly fishing selling saltwater fly lines 

The fly lines for fly fishing available at Cortland shop are used by the anglers for the different fishing experience. The series for saltwater fishing are Billfish intermediate, Intermediate, Ghost Tip 15, Ghost TIP 9, Tarpon Taper, All purpose taper, GT/TUNA, Tropic compact, Bill fishing sinking, Heavy sink, HI-VIS FLIP, Tropic redfish. The various series available under the saltwater fly line category are tropic plus series, liquid crystal series, saltwater specialty series, saltwater specialty series. The different sizes and models are available at different prices.

If you buy the compact switch product from the shop the features associated with it are low friction, easy casting technique, 100 ft length, style head. Lime green and Ivory are major colors of compact switch that meet your requirements. The WF series range from 4 to 8 and have different floating line pairs, sink tips. The cost of the product is 70$ available for interested customers. The best fishes target by using the line are salmon, steelhead, Atlantic salmon fishes. The grain weight varies as per the fly line size changes. The detailed chart is explained on the website of the shop for the clarity of the customers

Sports shop fishing of Cortland for fly fishing

The different sport shop products available for fly fishing task for the anglers varies a lot. The products are Cortland Master braid available in green, bronze and white colors. The other colors available under this category are yellow, blue, black. The fluorocarbon material, monofilament nylon filament, IGFA leader material, Tie-able stainless-steel material, Aluminum trout net, catch and release net, Brook trout solar mask, rainbow trout solar mask, drop shot leader material, silent flip. The hats of the company are useful for anglers in different destinations. The various colors are green-black, brown, white, etc.

The customers who purchase the product are free and flexible asking questions from the technical staff of the Cortland fly shop for fly fishing. The suggestions and advice are always available to them without any delay. The shop also offers its customers a major discount of at least 30% during festive times, special holidays and some events. The products are sold both offline and online mode. The anglers buy online have the extra feature of technical assistance without any trouble. The delivery of the products is done to the doorsteps free of cost.

The customers can contact the Cortland fly fishing officials at 1 (800) 847 - 6787. for any product requirement for which they will contact you immediately. 

Indeed, you will get any model with a discount .

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