How to use a fly fishing rod

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Fly fishing is one of the best fishing techniques that are fascinating and enjoyable. It's an outstanding fishing method that can be used to obtain various species of fish in muddy, mountainous or all other fishing flats that exist in the world. Apparently, fly fishing does not rely on long term experience of an individual in the fishing industry but it requires simple fishing basics for one to use the method. 

However, experience provides an added advantage to those using fly fishing as their mode of fishing because the ability to understand and put in use various types of fly rods equips an individual with extra knowledge while using this technique. If you are planning to major into fishing or rather for your own enjoyment, then discussed below are the tips and directions that will guide you effectively on how to use a fly fishing rod.  

 Things you will require.  

 Fly rod. Fly line. Fly Reel. Flies. Leader. Tippet. 

First and foremost, begin by setting up the fly rod of your choice by putting or joining the rod pieces together. It's very important to make sure that the rods eye and the reel seat are aligned. This is necessary since it provides high accuracy and precision during fishing so that the user cannot miss their targets. 

Secondly, put the fly reel on the seat of the reel and fasten it tightly using the locking rings or any relevant joining material in order to maintain its position throughout the process and keep it stable. Thirdly, move the fly line away from the reel and then place it on the control eyes. 

Additionally, feed the line on the last guide of the fly rod. Ensure to tied the leader along the main line by either using a nail knot or any necessary knot material. Tie the tippet strongly to the leader by using a blood ring or knot and finally tie the fly line onto the tippet with a clinch knot. 

Fourthly, pick the fly rod and hold it freely using your dominant or strong hand then grip it strongly. Its advisable maintain the wrist of your hand straight and close to the rod for the purposes of building stability and increasing sensitivity during fishing. It also assists in casting the line while preventing any injuries that ate related to the frequent movements of the fly rods. 

Nonetheless, ensure you spread your legs until they align with the shoulders as you stand comfortably on the ground. Finally, start by pulling the fly line from reel while shaking the entire line and stop when a 6 or 8 feet line is formed in front of the body. 

Let the head follow the rod as it moves up and down to the original rod position. You can also pause and then permit the line to move behind your body before moving it back to the front. Remember to lower the rod's tip when the fly line moves forward to allow the line to settle gently on the surface of the water. Always ensure that the line settles on water while the fly lands.

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