Performance Nymph IM10 Moderate Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod

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    • ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY and LifeTime Repairing Warranty - MAXCATCH as a 13 years fly rod factory,
    • offer “No Hassle” warranty for all our rods for one year. If you are not 100% satisfied with our rod,
    • you can return it in any time. And we also offer lifetime repairing for Maxcatch rods.
    • With mixed 5 layers of carbon including Reinforced Muscle carbon layer for Up to 30% improvement in presentation and 20% lighter in weight.
    • DESIGNED for NYMPHING – a moderate fast action design rod blank designed specifically for nymphing techniques.
    • Slim taper engineered to be a light ,balanced nymphing rod for the use of very fine tippets and small nymph.
    • And also with the power to cast heavy anchor flies.
    • HIGH STANDARD SMOOTH GUIDES – MaxSelect Ceramic insert ring Stripping Guides and Ultra lightweight,
    • Hard Chromed stainless steel snake guides and Over-sized tip loop for smoothest longer casting.
    • PURE CORK HANDLE and REEL SEAT – Pure AAA+ Contoured Cork Handle for comfortable grasping
    • and also helpful for casting without tiring. High Density machined aluminum reel seat with two up-locking rings
    • with Unique Peacock Blue Burled Wood Spacer for reliable fixing of the reel foot.


    Nice nymph fly rod, light, work well all the parts fit together surface quality is good for this price perfect. Thanks seller recommended.


    Honest rod, perhaps it would serve less swinging at the tip. but it does job well anyway. Satisfied. One mention for seller:

    the BEST SERVICE I have ever had. Recommend Maxcatch website!! Rod's protection tube and spool of reel were damaged in expedition;

    seller replaced them in a few days. Very very very professional and helpful seller!!!


    Excellent communication with the seller. Delivery time at the top. Cane very light and tactile. Really amazed by the action and finesse of the cane.


    Rod comes with a cordura tube and cloth like any other Maxcatch rod and exactly the way rods should be carried around. When you grab the rod by the handle you can alerady tell the rod is nicely built with good quality cork handle and burled wood reel seat and also the blue finish on the blanks looks good. As far as looks go there is no seconds thoughts about it. The grip of the rod fits your hand well, you can expect it to be a little havier rod due to the lenght and in my opinion a little tip heavy, but nothing drastic. You can solve that by using a little heavier reel. Rod has more medium/fast action and should be good for casting fly line, but you loose some accuracy casting only nymph leaders. This is something to expect with middle class rods like this one. In particulary 2 weight rod plays fish nicely, but I would sugjest it for targeting smaller fish up to 30 cm. Of course it can handle bigger fish as well but 2 weights are meant more as a competition rods for easy casting of euro leaders and to protect thin tippets which is this rod really great for. All in all this is a really nice rod. The price fits it well and I would recommend this rod to any fly fisher who would like to start euro nymphing and doesn't know where to start. This rod is a great rod to start with. Recommend Maxcatch website!

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