How to start: from beginner tips to fly fishing deals hunting

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Simple tips to start fly fishing while having fun

Fly fishing can amuse or irritate. Before rushing to buy the new equipment among the best fly fishing deals available, I recommend a quick reading of valuable information about useful tips to enjoy this sport. Maybe you saw a fisherman making precise and elegant launches with a kind of whip that managed to catch fishes with disarming speed. If that experience instilled a curiosity about fly fishing, it's because you perceived its great potential. Fly fishing will seduce you with exciting new challenges.

Where do beginners start?

You can get instructional books, watch video tutorials online, or contact associations that organize good quality courses. If you want to try it out and see what happens, here are some useful tips for your fly fishing success. If you then decide to continue on your own, you will need new materials, casting techniques, special cases, and more.

The basic equipment: The rod and the reel

A beginner rod is perfect to start fly fishing. The fly reel serves only as a line catcher. In the beginning, it is better to use a simple, cheap, but reliable model suitable for weather conditions or related to the fishing environment.

Fly line and leader

The fly line allows you to cast a fly with the whipping motion. It is better to start with a good quality floating fly line. The leader connects the fly line to the fly. The best beginner leader is a conical monofilament.

The jacket

The fly fishing jacket will become your warehouse. Inside, you better keep wire cutter, silicone to give buoyancy to the fly, other accessories, and the essential flies boxes, in which to place a multipurpose assortment of dry, submerging, nymphs, emerging flies, etc... If you want to make the necessary shopping easier, I will advise you on how to get the best fly fishing deals.

The technique

Let's now facilitate as far as possible your first steps as fly fishers. Over time, successes will increase and failures will decrease with each day of practice.

The launch

First of all, start with the idea of ​​making good simple throws. You'll reach perfection over time. Let's imagine that the rod is the hand of a clock: place it at 10 o'clock. Raise it gently until 11 o'clock so that the fly line comes out of the water. Only the leader and the fly should remain in the water. With a quick flick of the wrist, raise the rod at 12 o'clock. Wait for the line to stretch in the air behind you. With a new rapid flick of the wrist, bring the rod up to 10. Tense the line on the water, gently. There is a trick that makes it easier to properly use the fly fishing rod. Create a circle with the thumb, which normally rests on the rod, and the index finger. You will manage to move the rod in a much easier way. Initially, start with about 20 feet of fly line out of the reel. Repeat the movements many times to gain experience. Long throws, double traction, and all the rest will come later.

The presentation

To deceive a trout with a fake fly you need to be very careful presenting it in the most natural way possible. Fish in moderate currents. Here, trouts do not have much time to distrust baits. They bite more decisively. By launching laterally on the top bank of the river, you will generate a natural behavior of the fly. If you do not get results with the dry fly, try this: mount a short piece of fine nylon of about 23 inches around the final part together with the fly to have a drowned fly on top and a nymph on the tip. Walk slowly and then move back with rapid launches. Touch and retrieve.

The strategy

When you see no fish for a while, use a nymph as bait. At the slightest sign of presence retrieve to use a fly. At the beginning of the fishing season, fishes hang out more around midday. In the summer, go at sunrise or sunset. If fishes are active but none is trying to take the bait, check what they eat locally. Mount the most similar bait you have in your box. Filling your box with too many different flies may lead to confusion. Keep a small collection and add patiently according to your experiences.

Ask for advice

Use forums related to fly fishing. Get an idea of ​​the users' advice based on their discussions and locations. Keep note of some advice, and give it a try. If that doesn't work, describe your experience and ask them to help you. When it comes to choosing from the best fly fishing deals available, I recommend getting supplies from stores that offer a good guarantee on their products. I can recommend Maxcatch Fishing for great deals perfect for beginners.

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