Before buying a reel, it is essential that you have a rod and/or line. When you are on the lookout for the ideal reel it is very important that you select it on the basis of the rod’s weight. The rod’s weight should be more than or equal to that of the reel in order for it to be a balanced outfit.

Reels are often rated in terms of weight and/or size. You must check the rod for its weight and match it with the reel.

CNC machined reels are much stronger and lighter in weight as opposed to the one produced through die-casting. They are more sturdy, and do stand the test of time.

The major disadvantage of these reels is that they are more expensive and hence not suitable for all. They are made of aluminium, and manufactured only by the best of machines. The machines that produce these are super high tech. They are hard anodized to make it corrosion safe and resistant to saltwater.

Our CNC full barstock reels incorporate all of the latest high-tech materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure that you, our valued customers, have access to the very best CNC-machined reels for the best possible price.

All of our CNC reels come with a 3-year warranty.

AVID PRO Rose Gold All Purpose Reel
UNIC DESIGN-AVID PRO rose gold fly fishing reel series was designed by Maxcatch Colum..
$78.00 $99.00
Tail Light Weight Fly Reel
A Performance Freshwater Reel with Budget – A super light reel with smoothdrag system..
$38.00 $59.00
TORO Aluminum Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel
"Streamlined and sturdy, the TORO is the workhorse that will do the job 100% of the time –..
$57.80 $87.99
AVID Micro Adjusting Drag Smooth Machined Fly Reel
THREE-YEAR-WARRANTY – we as a 15 years fly reel factory, offer “No Hassle” warranty for al..
$50.00 $58.99
Avid Series Best Value Fly Fishing Reel,1/3wt, 3 Color Available
Stainless-steel disc drag system featuring cork and Teflon hybrid discMid-arbor design s..
$48.00 $57.99
MC Nymph Professional Waterproof Fly Reel
Telfon and stainless-steel disc drag system with one-way clutch bearing for smooth immedia..
$86.00 $179.99
CNC Machine Cut 06N Large Arbor Aluminum Fly Reel
Highly precise graphite disc drag systemLarge arbor design for increased line retrieval ..
$50.00 $99.99
Automatic Fly Reel Super Light Reel Y4 70 2+1 BB
Designed for Fast Water fishing - a fast line retrieval capacity of two meters per ca..
$139.00 $199.99
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