How to Choose Places for Washington Fly Fishing?

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Washington fly fishing is extremely popular among many countries where fishing is on behalf of an attitude toward life and citizens who live in these countries particularly love fishing. There are some rules that can help you to find a perfect place for fly fishing. 

Fly fishing is a famous and universally appreciated activity that originated in Europe and the United States. This mainly aims at using bionic bait to imitate insects like flies, dragonflies, and other winged insects falling into the water so as to attract some predatory fish in the water. Because of its elegance in the process of fishing, it has the reputation of a dancer in fishing as a way of fishing. 

There are 51 states in the United States, including New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Washington is the capital of the United States, it does not belong to any state, it is under the direct jurisdiction of the state. That is, it is managed and regulated by the federal government. Washington D.C. is located in the northeast of the United States, near Virginia and Maryland. 

Do you know what WFF is? As is known to us, WFF stands for Washington fly fishing.

Therefore, you can conclude that Washington is renowned both as a capital and as a good place for fly fishing. Without any doubt, there are also some other states which are suitable for fly fishing. And many fly fishers are dreaming to go fishing in those places. 

Beaver bend is a famous fly fishing resort in Oklahoma state. It is surrounded by numerous green mountains, with trouts swimming and living there. Flying fishing activity can be carried out all year round if you have a fishing license. Usually, rainy days are a blessing for fish-man and fish-woman. As after the rain, you can catch the most beautiful fish in the whole state and you can enjoy the intoxicating autumn. 

However, though Washington is a good place to go fishing, it is especially crucial for you to select an ideal place for fly fishing. There are three principles that can be very helpful to fly fishers. 

First, you should select the fishing position according to the temperature. Unlike human beings, fish can not generate heat by themselves so as to reduce energy consumption. They can only adjust their body temperature with the water temperature. For example, on sunny days, fish need a cool place so that you can try to choose the places in the shade, deep end of the river, or areas with active water. 

But in the morning and evening, the fish will look for food on the shore and the water temperature near the shore is more comfortable. At this time, fly fishing is more suitable near the shallow area. While on rainy days, the temperature is relatively stable, there will be a lot of food that is washed down by the rain in the shallow water area. Thus, the water will be turbid so that the fish will come to the shallow water area to look for food. 

Second, you can select a fishing position according to the level of oxygen in the water.

The biggest factor that influences fish is the amount of dissolved oxygen, which is directly related to whether fish can survive. 

There are many factors that determine the level of dissolved oxygen, such as temperature, air pressure, number of aquatic plants, wind direction, etc. All in all, with a high level of dissolved oxygen, fish are more active and more eager to find food. And in summer, it is hard to dissolve oxygen so that when you are going to choose the fly fishing position, you should first consider the place with high dissolved oxygen in the water. 

Third, you can choose the fishing position in Washington according to the food which fish look for. Fish are running for food all day long and they usually gather wherever there is a lot of food. However, if you select a place where there is a lack of food, you can't catch any fish. Thus, you have to find an optimum place where there is full of food for fish.

When you go fishing in Washington, you can find places with plenty of aquatic plants. Generally speaking, fish like to gather in the place where there are aquatic plants. As Washington fly fishing becomes ubiquitous, you can find a lot of friends even in a strange country. And you can chat with them about your fishing experience. Certainly, you can also ask them about their fishing skills which will be conducive to you. 

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