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There are a couple of methods to attach a fly fishing knot leader to a fly line, and each has its pros and cons. The best way is for you to find your style of fishing. We are going to go over the three most popular ways to add a leader to a fly line, and you can decide for yourself which one suits you best.


For as long as flies and leaders are to be connected, the ancient Nail Knot has been connecting flying lines to the leaders. The Knot of the Nail uses friction to catch the fleeing chief. It's very simple to bind, but there is a particular form of tool. 

You may use a nail or a little string, a tool for Nail Knot, of course. The bottom line is that your guides are most comfortable to hold, mainly if you cover it with a small UV resin. The Nail Knot can be the right choice if you want to do so. The downside is that the Nail Knot is the weakest link that you can use. 

This is not the kernel that goes wrong, but only the fly line, which is the weakest part of the line, is guarded by the leader. It is usual for the Nail Knot to remove the coating from the line instead of failing the knot. 


Most of the fly lines have a loop at the end to connect the leader these days. Although we normally cut these and whip your loop, it is the connection used most often. It's very comfortable and strong. You should change your leader so that it fits for you. For a strong loop to loop link, there are a few things to note.

The welded loops are very fine, but still whip yourself, for strength, for saltwater fishing. The link needs to be developed appropriately. The loop knot you use on the leader has a range of options, so be wise when picking.

It is very powerful and quick to adjust the upside of the Loop to Loop relation. Both the guides and the nail knot go into the loop-to-loop. Somebody possibly saw the comment section already and wrote that the Loop To Loop is a hinge. That's a myth. When it has been synchronized, the relation is very secure. Leaders with an excessively fine butt section will not allow connections to Loop to Loop. 


For any use, the Albright Knot is an excellent choice. This has the thin profile of the nail knot and the strength of the loop to loop when properly bound. Hit it with a little UV resin, and you can easily pass through the guides and catch a tarpon.

Its basic downsides are changing leaders is harder, and every time you eat a little fly. The task is to tie Albright a heavy material to your line to bind the leader with a loop. You use a Loop To Loop, of course, aren't you then? The other downside is that it is a bit difficult to tie a knot. We always recommend you to know this great knot and use it. Take your time and carefully check the knot.

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