Guide to Salmon Fly Fishing Rod and Reel

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Have you ever felt confused when facing with many salmon fly fishing rods and reels? Or have you ever been fed up with no gains when pursuing a salmon for a long time? Here, this passage will introduce how to select proper and essential fly rods and reels for salmon fly fishing.
√ Salmon fly rods
To choose the best salmon fly rods is similarly to select a best set of tableware since different tackles would be used under different circumstances. There are various salmon fly rods with specific use for salmon fly fishing.
When buying the rod, whether a freshwater or saltwater one, various factors should be considered. Commonly, saltwater rods can achieve good results in freshwater fishing while freshwater rods don't fit well in saltwater fishing. So when in doubt, choose a saltwater fly rod.
√ Fast Action salmon fly rods
When selecting a rod proper for salt water, novices had better choose a Fast Action rod. This actually means that rod would be stiff enough to deliver abundant power. Although such a rod would make shoulders tired, here are many benefits for fast action rods, such as wind factor, distance, flies, line and so on.
Fast Action salmon fly rods could combat wind, make freshmen cast the line and heavy fish imitations farther. The size of fish you are after determine which saltwater fly rod to choose. For salmon fly fishing, an 10wt rod will be proper.

√ Salmon fly reels
As for how to choose salmon fly reels, there is actually not too much considerations but just to pick out the one with its matching rod. After fishing in salt water, the line should be soaked in fresh water and the spool should be carefully washed with fresh water and then wiped dry.
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