Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel Large Arbor Right Left-Handed

.TORO Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel Large Arbor Right Left-Handed

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    • Teflon and stainless-steel disc drag system with one-way clutch bearing
    • Large Arbor for reduced maintenance drag and faster line pick-up
    • Easy left-to-right-handed retrieval conversion thanks to quick-release spool cap
    • Highly-precise one revolution drag knob with numbered settings
    • CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum construction
    Dependable, durable and bristling with a plethora of convenient features designed to streamline the fly fishing experience, the TORO reel with its high-impact, ant-corrosion aluminum construction is the perfect all-rounder. The Teflon and stainless-steel disc drag system allows for a smooth and immediate drag engagement, allowing you to easily stop a wild fish in its tracks, while the large arbor gives the TORO reel an increase backing line capacity in addition to providing you with a faster line pick-up. Streamlined and sturdy, the TORO is the workhorse that will do the job 100% of the time – all without breaking a sweat.  





    Outer diameter

    3.1’’ (80mm)

    3.5’’ (88mm)

    3.7’’ (95mm)

    Inner diameter

    1.9’’ (50mm)

    2.2’’ (56mm)

    2.4’’ (60mm)

    Spool width

    1.1’’ (2.7mm)

    1.1’’ (2.7mm)

    1.2’’ (3mm)


    4.7oz (134g)

    4.8oz (137g)

    6oz (170g)


    20lb 80yds

    20lb 120yds

    20lb 130yds


    Drag operation

    TORO series Reels feature a dependable center line drag system.

    To adjust the drag, turn the center knob clockwise to increase resistance, and counterclockwise to decrease it. The minimum drag setting should never be less than the pressure required to prevent over-running of the line on fast runs.

    The easy drag adjustments is infinitely variable, providing wide-ranging and controllable settings.

    Spool removal

    1. Unscrew the side knob,

    2. Split the frame & spool

    Note: When not in use, the drag should be loosened completely.

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