Does Fly Fishing Cost A Lot?

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Does fly fishing cost a lot? How much will you need to spend on the hobby is a very common question that is asked by first-time learners. We know that some hobbies do not need much money spent, like reading or watching movies. While there are some hobbies request money investments as they also help you develop skills like horse riding, skating, and fly fishing. 

Hobbies like the above require equipment, tools, and skills learning. Thus you will need to spend more than those. As for fly fishing, there are some fly fishing gear or accessories you will need to buy before you go on this journey. What are they and how much do they cost? Let’s find out! 

Adjustable fly fishing chest vest pack

The chest vest pack is quite useful when you are fishing. Sometimes is hard or time-wasting to find your thing from a huge backpack, especially when you are in a hurry or the item is too small to be noticed. This is why the chest vest pack is such a wonderful design. 

Chest Vest is thin, which makes it easier for casting with your arms crossing your chest. A worthy chest vest is made out of strong waterproof material that makes it water-resistant. Let’s take a 10x11 inches size chest vest as an example, it is made of strong UV inhibited mesh and 600D denier fabric, with an adjustable strap and 4 pockets, with 1 zippered pocket available. The price goes from $38-$49 for a chest vest pack like this. 

Two-handed fly rod sleeve bag

Some people will have the anxiety that their fly rod will be broken on their way to fly fishing. In this case, many of them will choose a fly rod with the carry bag. The carry bag allows you to take it everywhere, actually is quite useful if you decided to go on a far journey of fly fishing. 

For example, you may want to buy an extra sleeve bag for your two-handed fly rod. In this case, you will need to buy the sleeve bag that can be stored in your truck or car, and the bag should be quick-drying. With great resistance to abrasion, made of high-performance polyester, this kind of sleeve bag normally costs around $15-29 depends on its fitting sizes for the size and quantity of fly rods. 

Fly fishing cost on other fly fishing gear

Above we mentioned two hot sales fly fishing accessories examples for you to understand the fly fishing cost. You may be surprised to see there are a lot to shop for when you put fly fishing in Alixexpress. Indeed, if you want to become a pro, you will need to spend more on equipment like backpacks, fly patches, swivel, etc. But all these could be bought till you have more experience in fly fishing. 

Here we will talk about fly clips and fly rods. Fly clips could be found online with a discount easily. It allows anglers to change flies with fast speed and ease. Clips normally are sold in a combo set, like 5, 8, or 10pcs a pack. With multiple sizes of clips, you can prevent leaders and tippet sections from getting too short. Fly clip packs are sold at prices around $2.99 to $8, cheap and useful. 

A good and practical fly rod is very important for fly fishing. If you are looking for a light, strong, and stylish reel seat fly rod, the prices may not be cheap. You may need to spend more than $700 depending on its brand, fishing, and materials. New learners will prefer to buy a fly fishing combo gear that costs around $350 with basic tools. 

Fly fishing combo gear is very popular among new learners. Even people who already know fly fishing well can buy an extra combo gear as a spare. Fly fishing reel combo may include the below tools: a large arbor aluminum fly fishing reel, an 80yds braided backing line or so, nylon tapered leader, and a weight forward fly fishing line. And price around $40 online, when it has discount, its price may lower to $30. 

How much does fly fishing cost? Believe now you may have an initial idea. We suggest new learners not spend so much money on the fly fishing gear all at once. As you are still learning, you may not know what and which gear fits you more until you have the fly fishing sense and touch! 

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