Fly Fishing Complete Kit Recommendations

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The fly fishing complete kit brings much convenience to beginners since the first thing new anglers have to do when learning fly fishing is to pick up fishing gear suitable for them. However, choosing proper fishing equipment is a tough and time-costing task. Therefore, we will provide relevant information about how to choose a complete set of fly fishing kits for a beginner as follows. 

There are so many different brands of fly fishing gear with different functions and prices. The fresh hand will find it hard to tell each product’s advantages and disadvantages. Whether or not a fly rod is matched well with the reel confuses many beginners. A good fly fishing complete kit can be useful in solving this problem. The complete kit for starters contains the rod and reel with lines already matched. 

Different from skilled anglers, beginners do not need much equipment at the beginning. What you need to focus on is to practice your casting action, manage the fishing line, and tying the knot. Understanding the basic movement combined with diligent practice, you will know how to catch the fish. Thus, once get a proper complete kit, you can start practicing. 

Orvis Encounter Complete is the first product worth recommending. Costing 169$, this outfit has high quality with a simple design that does not make you look like a beginner. Its rod handle is made of real cork and the reel is built with a stainless steel disc drag system. The rod is a mid to fast action rod, perfect for beginners to practice casting. 

The versatility of this kit allows users to try various fishing gestures. The high-performance product can be still used even after you have become an experienced fly fishing angler. However, a warranty is not provided by Orvis on the Encounter Complete. 

Redington Path II Outfit With Crosswater Reel

Its price is around 156$. Different from the Encounter, a lifetime warranty is covered on the merchandise. It provides a wide range of weight from 4-weight to 9-weight. You can choose a suitable one based on the fish species you target at. Having a classic look, the rod and reel are also of great quality. A rod case is included in the outfit. 

Its shortcomings are that the reel is easy to be scratched and its appearance does not satisfy some buyers’ taste. 

Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Outfit

This one has a higher price, 200$ or so. The 8-weight or 9 weight rod is attached with a fighting butt which will be quite helpful when fishing bigger and more powerful fish.  Also, this is a medium-fast action rod that suits beginners’ learning. 

Moreover, the reel with disc drag has better quality than average products. A lifetime warranty is available for the rod and a reel case is also offered. Overall, the product presents a good value. The problems customers may worry about include the high price and the quality of the fly fishing line included. 

Maxcatch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Kit

This one may be the cheapest among the same type of products. It only costs 95$. A small fly box, wet and dried flies, and a rod and reel case is included. The reel handle is made up of cork and the aluminum reel is sturdy. 

The disadvantage is that the reel cannot demand a skilled fisherman’s demands. So once you have grasped more techniques, you have to replace them with a new one. According to the review online, you may find it difficult to contact the company’s customer service. Besides, you need welded loops for the fishing line. 

Wild Water fly fishing complete kit

At a cost-effective price, the kit contains much useful fishing stuff such as flies, leader material, and nippers, almost all essential things for fly fishing. The black outlook is attractive. However, the aluminum reel seat and the flies are not of high quality. Though in general, the product is not better than the products we have mentioned above, it is quite sufficient for new learners. 

These are the recommendations for new anglers. If these products did not cater to your preference, there are many other choices on these brands’ websites you can check by yourselves.

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