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When you buy fly fishing reel for the first time, what will you pay most attention to? There are lots of different fly fishing equipment available in the market. Some first learners may not know what to choose in the beginning. Some may wonder whether they need to buy a luxury fly fishing reel or just use what is included in a combo set.

Professional fly fishing gear will help you encounter any water sources with their amazing features. They will make your fly fishing trip easier and more interesting. For first-time fly fishers, they will tend to buy expensive fly fishing gear so they can gain strength and confidence when they are fly fishing. This should be avoided as the prices of the items do not mean they work well for you. You will also consider your height, weight, strength, and other personal points.

Fly fishing reels just hold the fishing line for the fisher. To some point of view, they are not that helpful as they do not require any technique or movement when you are fly fishing. When you are angling, the fly fishing reels already doing their job. They will keep the balance of the line and the rods, so you will not lose fish or be dragged into the water.

Instead of watching the fish go frustratingly, what you need to do is to buy fly fishing reel of good quality. Now go back to our first question, what will you pay attention to when doing fly fishing reels selection? In sum, you will have to consider the below points. Let’s check one by one.

First, you will need to think about the weather-resistant fly fishing features. As you keep going in or out of the water, and the weather may not be so good during trips. You will need to buy an anti-rust material fly fishing reel. Like you need to consider waterproof for your fly fishing outfits.

Second, pay attention to the rag. This is extremely important as the rag needs to be even and will not break easily. At this point, you can pass any fly fishing reel that costs lower than $35. The cheaper it is, the thicker it is. And the rag will be rusted or broken. After two or three times use it will break and waste your money. 

Third, pay high attention to the weight. This is to say, the fly fishing reel weight should match the weight of fly lines. All the weights should be the same. if you have a 5-weight fishing line, you need to buy fly fishing reel designed for a 5-6 wt line. In the end, they should both fit a 5-weight rod! Or else it has broken or drowning risk when fly fishing. So every time you choose fly fishing reels, do remember this rule.

In addition, you can also think about buying a spare pool or spare fly fishing reels as well. Normally fly fishing reels have two different types of drag systems which include the disc-drag and the spring-and-pawl. Or we can say pre-cast and machined fly reels. As the fly fishers numbers increased, the spring-and-pawl are now on-trend in the market. You can consider this type of reel.

Like we just said, the main key point for buying fly fishing reel is to pick one that can hold the necessary amount of backing and fly line for the weight of the rod. So when you are fly fishing, you can stay away from trouble or watch the fish running away. With this sense, you can choose the right fly fishing reel easily.  A qualified entry-level fly rod and reel cost around $145. If you are new to this game or find it hard to choose, we will suggest you buy a combo. You will never go wrong with that.

Fly fishing is hard when you first start the game. But like any other interesting skill, the more you spend time practicing, the easier it will be. And in the end, you will find yourself fascinated by it. From shopping for equipment to learning how to cast, you can also be a master if you put some dedication into this skill. Hope you will soon develop it well!

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