Sprint Expert Fully Sealed Fly Reel

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    Offering unparalleled quality and performance for a price that is affordable for everyone, the Maxcatch Sprint Fly Reel ushers in a new age for enthusiast fly anglers, one where professional-grade fly reels are no longer an unobtainable pipe dream.

    Thanks to the implementation of cutting-edge multi-axis machining techniques, the Sprint Reel features an innovative X structure design, resulting in enhanced engineering strength, all without adding any additional and unwanted weight. Furthermore, the reel’s fully-machined high-grade 6061 T6 aluminum construction provides further structural rigidity.

    What does this mean for you, our loyal customers? Well, it means you can catch the biggest beasts of the aquatic depths - be they in fresh or salt water – time after time after time without the fear of your reel showing even the faintest signs of wear and tear. With the Sprint, you’ll get the ultimate fly-fishing experience for a price that won’t take you a lifetime to save up for!


    Key Features

    • The X Factor: Innovative X structure design, resulting in enhanced engineering strength without any additional weight gain.
    • Durable Drag System: The Sprint’s carbon, cork and stainless-steel disc drag system gives you the power the battle the biggest fish while also providing a smooth turning drag.
    • Supreme Build Quality: The Sprint Fly Reel is forged from fully-machined high-grade 6061 T6 aluminum, making this the toughest reel we’ve ever produced.
    • V is for Victory: Deep V-spool design results in greater line capacity – ideal for large rivers and ocean fishing.
    • Perfect Protection: Rubber inlay on the reel’s button allows you to seamlessly fix the line to the reel without the fear of scratching your flies on the reel’s surface. 

    Reel Model

    Line Size

    Reel Capacity

    Reel Weight

    (oz)   (g)


    (inch)   (mm)



    WF7+225yard(20lb backing)

    6.35  180

    3.89   99



    WF8+275yard(30lb backing)

    6.56  186

    4.13   105



    WF10+325yard(30lb backing)

    7.26  206

    4.45   113


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