Do You Know Fly Fishing How to Tie Leader to Fly Line?

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Do You Know Fly Fishing How to Tie Leader to Fly Line?

It is not unusual for fly fishers who do not know fly fishing how to tie leader to fly line. With the development of fly fishing, fly fishing equipment has been complete and comprehensive such as fly fishing lines, fly fishing vises, and fly fishing reels. Moreover, the fly fishing line group is complicated, including backing line, fly line, leader as well as tippet. Fly fishers need to learn all the fishing lines so that they can use them freely. 

In the beginning, fly fishers need to learn basic information about fishing lines. Firstly, the fly line is the most important part of fly fishing, because the weight of the fly fishing hook is almost equal to zero so that it is very difficult for fly fishers to cast or throw the fishing line to their expected sites. In order to achieve the goal of throwing the fly fishing line smoothly, fly fishers have to depend on the self-weight of the fly fishing mainline. Thus, the mainline is also called the heavy line. 

The structure of the mainline is usually many strands of nylon wires which are wrapped in rubber. The mainline can be divided into floating line (f), sinking line (s), and suspension line (i) according to their functions. According to the casting and throwing skill, it can be divided into FW, DT, L, and St. 

The front line of fly fishing is different from other fishing lines which are used in other fishing methods. Its front line is tapered, that is to say, the more forward the line is, the thinner the line is. This is due to the difference in diameter between the main lines and the front lines. When the mainline is connected with the front wire, it is especially necessary to design a special part to smoothly cast and throw the fishing line to the target fishing site. 

The size of the front wire is different from other fishing lines. It is not directly distinguished by the number instead of being represented by X because the larger the number in front of X, the thinner the tip of the wire. The front wire also has different lengths according to the needs of fly fishers, but its X parameter has nothing to do with the length, so fishermen and fisherwomen need to pay attention to selecting the fly fishing lines. 

The fly fishing subline is always used to connect the front line and the wool hook. Generally speaking, lines that are made from carbon fiber is used to improve the abrasive resistance. It can also be replaced by an ordinary nylon wire. The length of use is usually no more than 30 cm according to the needs of fly fishing. Due to the change of the target fish species and fishing positions during fly fishing, the type of fishing wool hook should be changed frequently and accordingly. 

When the wool hook is directly tied to the front wire, the front wire will be consumed every time the wool hook is replaced. Using the subline for connection can save the front line as much as possible, and prolong the service life of the front wire. Thus, it is better for fly fishers. Fly fishing is a kind of pure leisure fishing activity, but most of China's streams or rivers do not have large predatory fish, so the selection of hooks must be small. 

Before you learn fly fishing how to tie leader to fly line, fly fishers should learn more about the fly fishing line group. In most cases, when fly fishers tie leader to fly line, they should be careful enough. As the fishing line is very thin and precious, fly fishers should learn well about how to tie a leader to a fly line so that they can finish this task without any difficulties. 

Fly fishing is very healthy and suitable for young people. There are three basic kinds of fly fishing lines: subline, mainline, and front line. Sometimes, the subline is connected to the front line to save the consumption of the front line and prolong the service life of the front line. Therefore, fly fishers also need to learn some tips for maintaining the fishing lines as well as fly fishing how to tie leader to fly line.

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