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June 08, 2019 Fishing Guides Views: 2534

Do you want a children’s fly fishing vest? Did your child ask you a vest for himself? We have special ones for children. You can know about them. I believe they will be happy and you can have fun fishing time with your son or daughter.

The fly fishing vest for kids is made of 100% smooth cotton so it’s breathable and comfortable. It’s unisex so girls and boys all like it. The waist is adjustable so its suitable for most children.

The vest has 12 pockets so everything needed can put in. There are several zippered and velcro pockets in front, a zippered bag and a bigger inside pocket in the back. It also designed with fishing gear attachment tabs and cord loops. The fly patch at the chest can adhere to flies on it. And it has a rod holder strap to secure a rod to the chest.

Well, every bean has its black. Children’s vests can’t carry as many tools as common vests. And the zipper quality is not impressive, so some of our customers changed it after receiving it. Oh, another question is it has only one color, but no child is unsatisfied.

Although it has flaws, it’s still worth it. Our customers all like this children’s vest, they all give positive feedback. The materials are good, the craft is careful, and its durable. Get one for your kid, he or she will be satisfied. And you can go fishing pleasantly with your kids. Enjoy your time!

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