How to Choose the Best Fishing Vest

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How to Choose the Best Fishing Vest

Earlier when the FISHING VEST was not used, fishermen have to put things in their pockets as well as carry them on their shoulders in small bags. Then the idea to design vests for fishermen came in the mind of various legendary brands.

Initially, these legendary vests were stitched by hand. But even today the vests used for fishing look similar to the old vests even after so many decades. Today you can commonly see fishing vests across the nation anytime. The only difference in the traditional vests and today’s vest is in the number of pockets. Today they have several pockets to fill in the things required during fishing.


Whenever you see a picture of fishing vests you will find that most of them have various types of pockets including small, big, outside, and inside pockets all over them. These pockets are necessary to keep various things when you are fishing in the middle of the river. Moreover, they can make it easy to find things immediately when required as you have no time to come back and search them in your bag.


To choose your first fishing vest you will have to consider a few things to find the best one for you. While fishing today you may randomly need various gears but you cannot put them haphazardly. So you must have a perfect vest for you for fishing.


4 SMALL INNER POCKETS: Instead of the zipper, there must be Velcro clasp on the inner pockets to make it easier to operate them. You can put leaders and split shots or any other thing in them so that you can access them easily and quickly.

4 SMALL OUTER POCKETS: While fishing throughout the day you may need various odd things like a spare key of your car etc. You can put these things in the small outer pocket with a zipper. In the other outer pockets, you can put extra flies, floatant, and the tools you may need randomly while fishing in the river.

2 LARGE OUTER POCKETS: You can use these large outer pockets to put the boxes of flies and lures. They must have fasteners on their top so that you can keep your boxes safe and open them easily when required. It is not good to have side opening on these pockets as you can lose your boxes of lure and flies into the water while bending sideways.

LATCH WITH METAL RING: While fishing in the river you may need forceps hemostat and clippers etc. So the vest you choose must have a retractable latch with metal rings to hold such items. It will keep them safe and allow you to access them easily.

BACK POUCH: It may not be easy to access the pouch on your back while fishing. So you should stuff in the things which you may not need while fishing like the bottle of water, your lunch or raingear, etc.

Thus by following the tips provided in this write-up you can buy the best FISHING VEST for you.

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