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No matter the passion you have for fly fishing, if you lack the right tools, your passion ceases to make sense. If you are a seasoned angler, you must have come across several fly reels in the industry. There are three basic types: single-action reels, multiplying reels, and automatic reels. All reels serve the same purpose- to hold and to retrieve the fly line and the backing. But what makes them different is how they serve that purpose or rather how they achieve the final result. This article helps you to understand the working of the auto fly fishing reels. But what are they in the first place?

Meaning of auto fly fishing reels

Just as the name suggests, automatic reels are those that do all fly line retrieving automatically. With these reels, you don't have to retrieve the handle, and in essence, these reels don't have handles at all. The handle is replaced by a trigger that releases a spring which provides for the fly line to be retrieved. The auto reel is ideal in situations that require fast retrieval. 

Why opt for the automatic reel? 

There are reasons that make this fly reel better than other reels. They dictate why you'd go for the reel at the expense of others:

- They help in line control. Having it easy to recover and retrieve the fly line implies that you have better control over the line. And when moving from pool to pool, this reel allows you to pick up the line quickly. 

- They are helpful to anglers with mobility issues. Given that you have difficulties in controlling the fly line with your hands, these reels are heaven on earth for you. 

How to fish with auto fly fishing reels

The first step to using an auto reel is to set up the rig. Because the reel can bring in the line very quickly, ensure that you have a pretty long line past your rod tip (about your rod length). Your reel will become automatically charged when you pull the line out. 

Once you have pulled the rod-size line, it's time to release the spring. The spring should e released promptly because failure to do so can cause your fly to be accidentally brought back into the guides.

Finally, begin to pull out more line. This will wind up the spring once more but be confident that the auto reel cannot pull the line further than the initial place it was when you first released the spring. You are now ready for a catch. 

Drawbacks of the auto fishing reels

The major downside of the auto reels is their heavyweight. Many anglers report this reel to be cumbersome and boxy, and perhaps that's why it is not used often. 

A large number of moving parts forming this reel makes it somehow less reliable. The temperamental and complicated parts make the reel not as durable as other reels. 

Compared to other reels, the auto reel does not hold as much backing. Besides, it doesn't have a fine drag to prevent high tippets. 

As a result of all these limitations, the auto fly fishing reel is not popular in the fly fishing world. However, this reel cannot be beaten in terms of convenience.

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