Antique Hardy Fly Fishing Reels For Sale

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Maybe you can hardly imagine an antique hardy fly fishing reel aging around 100 years old. Well, there actually exists antique fly fishing reels even made in 1870 in the world. If you are taken into collecting them, don’t miss the following information and some antique reels that we are going to introduce to you. Are you ready? Here we go.

As an antique fly fishing reel, it features a ball-bearing system and a well-designed part, which contributes to its lifetime of use. Take an antique reel made in 1894 as an example. With its internal check with loose ball bearings, it’s full of beauty by being amazingly smooth and straight. At the same time, for art like this, most people may shrink back at the sight of its price of £2795. It’s not hard to explain its high price on the ground that it will be worth around twice its asking price after its foot being repaired.

The most expensive antique reel you can search online maybe Hardy Brass Perfect made in 1896. It’s all brass and retains good original bronzing even though the years. The pictures relating to it shown on the website can put you in mind of the charm of retro style and the old days when fishing gears were not so modern and convenient. Well, can you try to guess its price? The answer to the riddle is £5499.

Besides the rare reels we mentioned before, the price of antique fly fishing reels is usually about hundreds of dollars, which mostly depends on its flaw or crack and its production year. In most cases, those antique reels whose price ranging from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars work quite well and ready to use.

Collecting antique fly fishing reels or other gears means a lot for a fishing fan and collector, whereas it’s also cash-burning. Remember to make a comprehensive assessment of your budget before you add it to your shopping cart. Wish you can get hold of the antique reel you truly want!

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